Ismail Sirdah's Helpful Tips For Selling Event Tickets Online

Ismail Sirdah expresses "Selling tickets online is a must." Online ticket sales had become the norm, with people preferring to purchase their tickets on their smartphone or laptop rather than in person. Selling tickets online has opened up several opportunities for event promoters, if they know how to do it right.
By: Ismail Sirdah Marketing & Event Promotion
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Ismail Sirdah Events
Ismail Sirdah Events
DULUTH, Ga. - April 6, 2021 - PRLog -- SELL TICKETS ON MOBILE

First, Ismail Sirdah recommends making your tickets available for purchase on mobile. Last year, smartphones were ranked number one among devices used for online shopping. You still want to have a desktop website for potential attendees to visit, but you should also be creating a site that smartphone users can use. A good example is Sirdah's business Lulu Promotions & Music.


Another tip for driving online ticket sales is to send segmented email blasts. Email marketing is critical to event promotion; however, it's important to have a strategy behind it. Ismail Sirdah recommends segmenting your audience to ensure that the most relevant information is sent to each person on your contact list. This kind of strategic targeting via email can boost ticket sales immensely.


According to Ismail Sirdah of Lulu Promotions, one of the best ways to incentivize people to buy a ticket to your event is by creating a special early bird registration price. This makes the ticket appear more valuable to event-goers. Sirdah recommends that all event promoters set a strict start and end date for the early bird promotion, accompanied by a countdown which provides a sense of urgency. Anyone that was already planning on buying a ticket will be motivated to buy theirs sooners and as all event promoters know, the earlier tickets are sold the better.


Another great way to sell tickets online is by holding a contest on social media. Contests on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook typically garner hundreds or even thousands of entries, with the prize being a pair of free tickets to the event you're promoting. It is a quick and effective way of raising awareness about your event. You should be strategic about what you require of contestants to register.


Finally, Ismail Sirdah recommends promoting your event on social media through video content. Within the realm of content marketing, video content is the number one way to see engagement. And when it comes to online ticket sales, engagement is key. Creating and posting a video of the event (either a recap of the previous year's event or a more general promotional video), is a very effective way of getting people's attention. Make sure the video and caption clearly state where the viewer can go to purchase tickets.


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