Own A Dome Manufacturing Business for Under $1000

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FRANKLIN, N.C. - Feb. 9, 2021 - PRLog -- Yes, you are reading that headline correctly!

Hugh Simpson, founder of Raptor Domes™ Kits, has decided at 74 years young to stop his own manufacturing operation and teach others how to manufacture and market his dodecahedron dome kits.

"I have a mission through my Dodecahedron Dome Institute to teach as many people in the world how to build the STRONGEST MAN-MADE structure on the Planet," says Simpson, a former Post Newsweek investigative reporter turned serial entrepreneur. "I learned from my instructor Rob how to build this dodecahedron structure over 10 years ago. Rob and I both have loved domes since we learned of the geodesic dome from its evangelist Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller. Rob actually met Bucky and I studied with Bucky's right-hand man Marshall Thurber."

Rob was making the struts and hubs in his garage back then. Several years ago Simpson discovered a company that had a CNC router that could cut the struts and hubs to within a fraction of an inch in correctness. He decided to outsource the manufacturing to them.

"I directed my energy towards what I do best for the past 40 years – public relations and marketing," continues Simpson, who holds a MS in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Illinois. "I will be offering the buyers of the manual all the information needed to manufacture the struts and hubs of my Raptor Domes™ Kits though they are welcome to call their kits any name they desire. There will be no franchise or dealership fees. There will be no royalties they have to pay. There is a ONE time investment of $999.99. I will share my over 40 years of marketing experience both off-line and online. I want them to succeed and share my love for domes to as many people as possible."


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