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Build web and mobile business applications with very little or no coding with BIAMI.IO - Intelligent Automation
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10X Performance
10X Performance
LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO - Jan. 21, 2021 - PRLog -- BIAMI.IO, a company behind its Intelligent Automation software and Business Solutions, is continuing the commitment to deliver business value for the customer as quickly as possible by adding visual low-code/no-code software development capabilities to its own technology stack.

In order to build complete solutions and address the need to deliver great user experiences on top Intelligent Automation, BIAMI.IO is introducing BIAMI Apps Framework, a set of technologies to build web and mobile business applications with very little or no coding required. Based on established open source technologies, it promises to deliver applications and frontends with exceptional user experience, easy to scale and improve. Its open architecture enables future integrations in order to add more frontend technologies and utilize the new emerging technologies of tomorrow.

"Delivering 10X performance with Intelligent Automation requires a lot of integration with existing IT systems and infrastructure. In order to benefit from the improved performance and run automation at scale across different business units, our customers require to be provided with a tailored user experience on top of our intelligent automation solutions. Until today, we were delivering it within existing business systems but unfortunately, traditional enterprise software is difficult to extend. It takes too long to deliver customizations and it's too expensive to maintain in the future. BIAMI Apps is changing that and we're able to build Business Applications and UI/UX Frontends at the speed of our core automation delivery without a delay for our customers," says Marcin Kierdelewicz, the Managing Director of BIAMI.IO.

BIAMI Apps benefits:
  • great user experiences, web and mobile apps
  • very little or no coding required
  • no additional software license cost for BIAMI Enterprise Edition customers
It's available today for BIAMI customers and partners, already included within the Intelligent SDR Services platform as part of Intelligent Business Development proposition and very soon, to be part of Intelligent Automation Lab and other business services available at

To learn more about BIAMI Apps Framework, sign up for our upcoming "Building your IA-Driven Solutions with BIAMI.IO" webinar at

Founded in 2017 after a few years of product development, BIAMI.IO helps customers to benefit from business process-driven software, platforms, and robots, and run intelligent automation solutions at scale in order to deliver 10X performance within the business.

BIAMI.IO Business Solutions include Intelligent Business Development for the sales teams to stop worry about the sales pipeline, Intelligent Business Services for the businesses to serve customers at scale with their own SaaS proposition, and Intelligent Business Operations to help customers with the adoption of Intelligent Automation within the organization, reduce bottlenecks and greatly improve team performance.


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