OnDemand Visit, Inc. Launched 911 Emergency Department triage solution now available as - 911Triage

OnDemand Visit, Inc. Launched 911Triage Solution in March 2020 is now available as 911Triage for EMS
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NEW YORK - Sept. 7, 2020 - PRLog -- After the devastation of corona virus, it's clear that Emergency Departments (EDs) need more support than ever before. That's why OnDemand Visit, Inc. continues to debut new telemedicine services that will help healthcare workers prioritize their time for the people who need it the most. With tele-triage, a patient's complaints can be quickly assessed to determine the level of care they need. The 911 Emergency Department Triage solution allows staff to screen patients and rank each one in terms of the severity of their condition at the place of origin.

Currently, Medicare regulations only allow payment for emergency ground ambulance services when individuals are transported to hospitals, In current situation critical access hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and dialysis centers are avoiding unnecessary patient exposure. Most beneficiaries who call 911 with a medical emergency are therefore can be now treated at the place of call or origin. Ondemand visit team developed a 911Triage solution to help EMS team to provide appropriate care to patients using telemedicine as a tool.  In most cases, now Emergency Triage, Treatment is possible without transporting patient to critical access hospitals.

With the Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) model, emergency healthcare workers can connect with healthcare providers via teleservices to answer the questions of who needs care, when they need it, and where they should receive it. This model has been proven to reduce the number of avoidable transports and unnecessary hospitalizations. It also supports the Medicare FFS beneficiaries, as they receive the most appropriate care, at the right time, and in the right place.  The solution helps EMS systems to be more efficient and give them ability to offer broader services and better access to local community.  The 911Triage solution essentially helps the beneficiary to receive care faster and also save on out of pocket cost. The patient always has option to go to hospital and ignore the option to telemedicine consult available via telemedicine.

EDs can become more efficient by allowing staff to treat those in critical states first before moving onto less urgent matters. A TeleHealth Emergency Department can cut down on everything from overcrowding to ambulance rides.

Virtual Counseling
But people still have healthcare needs, even if they may not technically fall under the category of urgent. The good news is that the data has shown that when people have options for their health, they tend to use them.

With the help of both audio and video tools with 911triage, a staff member can view any visible problems and ask questions of a patient before determining the best possible care plan. Through ET3, emergency workers can speak with trained professionals to determine if a transport in necessary in the first place.

When EDs fail to manage their flows, it can lead to disasters. It's not just that patients are more likely to be shut out of an overcrowded hospital due to a lack of space, it's also that healthcare workers are more likely to make a mistake while treating those who are already in the facility.Patients can connect with a clinician via the TeleMedicine Solution courtesy of OnDemand Visit, Inc. before they decide to leave their home. The right triage ED solution manages to provide individualized care without jeopardizing the limited resources of healthcare workers.

About OnDemand Visit, Inc.
OnDemand Visit, Inc. is an all-in-one direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that enables the highest level of quality and cost-effective healthcare for patients, regardless of where they are located. Technology offers a built-in AI and Machine learning tool to identify patients based on Geo-Location and pair them with the nearest licensed care provider within the network. The secured solution connects patients, employees, and members with doctors in real-time or OnDemand. For more information call, 800-638-5535. Find out more about OnDemand Visit and our other medical solutions at https://www.ondemandvisit.com


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