OnDemand Visit, Inc. now offers Turnkey TeleMedicine technology solution to Jump start your Venture

OnDemand Visit Offers Turnkey TeleMedicine Solution to Streamline Your Virtual Practice
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OnDemand doctor visit private label solution
OnDemand doctor visit private label solution
SAN FRANCISCO - Sept. 5, 2020 - PRLog -- The telemedicine industry is one that is on the rise—and it's an industry that is also faced with a fair number of challenges, too. If you're a doctor, one of the largest issues that you'll face is finding a telemedicine platform that can suit your own unique needs. There are a plethora of technologies available, everything from apps to web-based patient portals and even video conferencing tools to help you meet with patients remotely.

The problem is, none of these things provide a perfect solution for consulting with patients, managing electronic health records, billing and all the rest of the facets involved with patient care.

That's where OnDemand Visit enters the picture. It's a robust platform that addresses many of the inadequacies so commonly faced among other telehealth platforms—and it's customizable, too, which means it can be designed to suit a variety of healthcare needs. Read below to learn more about how OnDemand's turnkey solutions can benefit your practice.

Private Branded Software

One challenge among telemedicine technology right now is that not all software is private branded—and that causes confusion among patients who may see the software's branding and assume it has little to do with your practice. Because our private brand software works around this, your organization will enjoy better visibility among existing and potential patients.

Customize Your Workflow

Whether your practice is small or whether you're operating a major healthcare organization, OnDemand's software is salable. It features a customized workflow that can be adjusted to suit clinical needs. Virtual triage is available, and there are tools for multiparty video communication, too.

Reduce Overhead by Simplifying Routine Tasks

One of OnDemand's most significant features is machine learning, which is a form of AI. OnDemand's AI helps simplify routine tasks by using data and predictive analytics to help with things like predicting the treatment protocols that are most likely to work for a particular patient based on context, symptoms and other attributes.

Go to Market Without the Worry

Implementing new technology can prove a challenge. It seems there are always bugs to work out of the system. That's not true with OnDemand's software, however. Using our out of the box solution, your telehealth services can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. More customized solutions will take longer to implement, of course, but the software is time tested, which means when your venture does go to market, you won't face the trial and error process many providers experience upon launch. You'll have the benefit of working with a professional team so that you can place your focus on patient care.

About OnDemand Visit, Inc.

OnDemand Visit, Inc. is an all-in-one direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that enables the highest level of quality and cost-effective healthcare for patients, regardless of where they are located. Technology offers a built-in AI and Machine learning tool to identify patients based on Geo-Location and pair them with the nearest licensed care provider within the network. The secured solution connects patients, employees, and members with doctors in real-time or OnDemand. For more information call, 800-638-5535. Find out more about OnDemand Visit and our other medical solutions at https://www.ondemandvisit.com


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