The Many Components of Surround Sound Systems

Why do we go to a movie theater? We want entertainment with the full experience. You can get the biggest TV available, but chances are the speakers will not be as big as the screen. You're not willing to settle for a singularly lop-sided experience. So to get the most of your home theater, you will need to have movie theater-like surround sound.
For the optimum set-up, you have several choices, primarily surround sound or a sound bar. What are the differences?
By: Grand Slam A/V and Security
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HOUSTON - Aug. 5, 2020 - PRLog -- The Surround Sound Experience
Surround sound is enriching the depth of sound reproduction by using multiple speakers that surround a listener. A home surround sound system will provide better audio than both a sound bar or your TV's original speakers.

Using a Sound Bar
A sound bar is a type of speaker that projects audio from a wide enclosure. A sound bar comes directly from the area of the television. The sound bar is a step up from the original speakers in your TV because it provides better quality along a greater distance.

What to Expect with Surround Sound Equipment
You have decided that surround sound is the way to go for your media room. Now you still have several choices, which vary in affordability. Here are a few examples:
  1. Compact Subwoofer Speaker
    A subwoofer is a vital component with the surround sound experience. Try it with a movie like Jurassic Park and you will experience the movie on another level. Listen to music with it and you will truly feel the music as it beats in your chest.

  2. Multi-Piece Sound System
    To really get the sound quality of a theater, you will want to look for a system that has multiple in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Several configurations are possible, with the most popular being 5.1—4 speakers, center, subwoofer, and receiver—or 7.2 – 6 speakers, center, 2 subwoofers, and receiver. The best systems will have THX-certified, Dolby sound quality.

  3. Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 and Beyond
    To get the most theater-like experience (or possibly even better than the theater!) you will likely be paying more. However, you reap the benefits in voice and tone clarity, deeper bass, and more precise sound reproduction, along with stronger, more efficient construction.
Where is that remote?

All systems discussed above come with remotes that are either wired to the hardware or wireless. With all the other remotes that go with your A/V equipment, you're probably thinking, "Oh great. Another remote to get lost in the couch cushions." However, one benefit you get from installing with Grand Slam is that we can consolidate all your systems into one remote … and that remote is on your phone!

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