The Art of Listening: It's Easier Than You Think

A few years ago, violist and radio commentator Miles Hoffman wrote an op-ed piece for The New York Times about what he called Classical Music Insecurity Complex.

He shared that many people distrust their reactions to hearing classical music—or dismiss listening to it entirely out of fear they don't "know enough" or someone more expert will disagree with them.
By: Duo Sequenza
VALPARAISO, Ind. - June 23, 2021 - PRLog -- This feeling is common; which is why we're passionate about explaining why YOU are so important to live performance.

The power of live music

As musicians, Paul and I each spend hundreds of hours practicing in solitude. When the music starts to come alive, my experience is it longs to be heard by another set of ears.

This is the true magic and joy of music: its power to take us somewhere words cannot.

Live music is more special, because it only exists when you experience it.

Listen in new ways

There are a few ways we recommend listening to live music for the pleasure of being part of a shared journey.

First, concert halls and performance spaces have been quiet for over a year. There will be a special joy in simply being able to attend a live performance.

Second, performance spaces are one of the last spaces where people cannot reach you instantly. You can relax into an experience that can take your mind to new, fantastic places.

How to listen to classical music

Some pieces are "about" something: they have a theme as an entry point for the listener. Some don't. Either way, artists and listeners each bring their experiences and selves into the music, creating something new each time.

Just as in life, in classical music, we should never know what to expect. Who we are and how we are, at any moment, informs how we experience the music as we hear it.

Leave your cares at the door

We encourage you to leave your worries, cares and any Classical Music Insecurity Complex at the door.

When you join us, you'll be part of a long history of humankind coming together to hear something special. Live classical music performances were once the places to see and be seen. People played music at home, and attended music performances together in celebration, out of shared interest, or because a performer or composer attracted a following.

There's no wrong way to listen to classical music. At the core of it, there's only our common experience as humans. Bring yourself to the conversation. It's three-way: between the composer, the artists, and the listener. We need you to make what we call music. After all, if great music is performed by passionate artists, but no one is there to hear it, has any music been made at all?

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