The Data Value Factory Launches Data Preparer on AWS and Microsoft Azure

STOCKPORT, U.K. - July 7, 2020 - PRLog -- The Data Value Factory, a University of Manchester spinout, with expertise on data integration and data cleaning, announced today the availability of its paradigm-shifting Data Preparer platform onto AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace, to further reduce costs associated with unlocking data value.

Data Preparer is a self-service data preparation platform that uses intelligent automation to quickly make sense of and prepare data sources for analysis. The software provides users with the flexibility to onboard new datasets and enables transformation and merging of data in an automated, agile manner. Data preparation normally involves laborious hand-crafting of data pipelines. In contrast, Data Preparer automatically searches for ways that data sets can be combined and made more consistent.

The Data Value Factory enabled its Data Preparer offering to run both on-premise and in the cloud, recognising the business needs to:
  • simplify the procurement process through consolidated billing and reporting, and
  • be able to process data in the cloud without the need to move or copy data.
Consequently, any organisation can now launch a virtual machine instance containing Data Preparer in their preferred cloud provider. Data Preparer can then be accessed from any web browser.

Moreover, The Data Value Factory realizes that budgets are more constrained than ever in today's business environments. As such, with a free month trial, Data Preparer aims to encourage all types of data users to try out and see for themselves how far full automation can get them when crunching data.

"This cloud offering comes as a natural next step in our line of work towards embracing data democratisation," said Dr. Nikolaos Konstantinou, Managing Director at The Data Value Factory. "Our goal is to provide a self-service data prep solution that can be deployed virtually anywhere, and connect to a wide range of databases and file formats, at a competitive price," he commented.

Overall, the ability to run Data Preparer in the cloud:
  • Lowers the technical barrier to deploying data preparation, thus enabling substantial savings in data-to-insight costs.
  • Makes it even more straightforward to process cloud data, allowing businesses to benefit more from the flexible cloud storage and computing solutions.
  • Enables rapid data onboarding and promotes data democratisation within company environments.
Data Preparer is now available to purchase in the AWS Marketplace, in the Azure Marketplace, and on-premise using the Mac, Windows or Command Line version. A one-month free trial is offered at all cases. To learn more about Data Preparer, you can check out some demonstrations on youtube, or schedule a demo.
  1. Try Data Preparer in AWS
  2. Try Data Preparer in Azure
  3. Try Data Preparer on Premise

Nikolaos Konstantinou
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