New Book: Capitalism Doesn't Fail

This book is written for millennials who still think that capitalism has failed. It proves that capitalism doesn't fail and the only factor making it fail is socialist and re-distributionist premises instituted into law. Yet socialism always fails.
SURPRISE, Ariz. - May 29, 2020 - PRLog -- The Amazon description of this book is:

"How many times have we heard the old saw: "Capitalism has failed again" over the course of contemporary events? We heard it during the Great Depression of 1929 after Hoover had invoked tariffs and precipitated economic retaliation and a banking crisis. Along with this question usually came a statement to the effect, that 'We can fix capitalism and make it even stronger by spending money and issuing economic controls to stimulate economic activity.' This book will argue that capitalism, as an economic system, cannot fail as long as individuals are free to act."

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About the Author

Robert Villegas is an American writer born in Weslaco, TX. He spent over twenty-seven years as a UPS executive in Indiana and worked in locations all over Europe including Germany, England, and Spain. His work was used in Germany, England and Singapore to establish computerized call centers for UPS. At UPS Indiana, he worked as a Call Center Manager and Telecommunications Manager. He was involved in helping to transition UPS from paper-based processes to computerized networks and digital record keeping. He worked with early digital technologies and was the first telecommunications managers to develop a system for communicating to drivers while they were on their routes. After leaving UPS, Mr. Villegas started his own sport marketing company specializing in writing sponsorship proposals for race car drivers and other athletes. Clients included Johnny Parsons, Jeff Ward, Larry Foyt and Alexander Rossi to name a few. He also worked as a technical writer in the burgeoning telecommunications industry in South Florida where he created many successful sales presentations and marketing documents. He also built his company's first website and worked for companies throughout the country including New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Sacramento, Chicago, Miami, Minneapolis, Vancouver BC, and other locations.

In 2015, he began to pursue his life-long goal of becoming a published author and has written about 76 books to date in areas such as novels, theater, religion, poetry, philosophy, and business. During this period, he also wrote over 260 Business Plans mostly for companies in Canada and the USA. He also wrote grant proposals and developed grant proposal narratives for several organizations, earning millions of dollars for fire departments and charitable organizations.

Robert Villegas

Robert Villegas

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