What are tree diseases and how do they affect our trees?

By: Advanced Tree Care
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LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. - March 18, 2020 - PRLog -- What are tree diseases?  Tree diseases can affect any part of a tree, or the entire tree.  They are caused by microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria or even by environmental stress.  The majority of foliar diseases are caused by fungi and are most prevalent in the wet weather of the spring.  All trees, shrubs and evergreens are at risk for certain diseases.

Types of diseases:  There are two types of tree diseases Infectious diseases are caused by microscopic growth and spores and are transmittable. Non-infectious diseases are caused by non-living agents and are not transmitted.  It can be difficult to identify diseases because the organisms that cause them are not readily seen. Signs and symptoms become obvious as the disease spreads.

How are tree diseases treated?  Effective treatment is only accomplished by determining the type of tree, specific disease and recommending the appropriate course of action.  Accurate diagnosis is crucial to developing a treatment program, which allows for treatment of the problem rather than simply treating the symptom.

Appointment:  Request a meeting with our Arborist.  They can design a custom program for your property based upon your particular trees and shrubs.  Our Staff is ready to educate you on the best methods available to achieve your goals.

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