Why Catering is Better Than Store Bought

When you hire a caterer for your on- or off-site event, you know the food is going to be freshly prepared and delicious.
By: Catering with Elegance
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BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. - March 18, 2020 - PRLog -- Unless you're planning a donut-and-bagels run for a morning staff meeting, store-bought food is always going to play second fiddle to catered fare. If you're planning a company, social, or family event this holiday season, go beyond store-bought for truly memorable food.

When you do, your guests will see and taste the difference. Think of it this way: how excited are you going to be when your host whips a plastic top off a tray of turkey pinwheels? Sticks a spoon in a carton of macaroni salad?

Catering is freshly prepared

When you hire a caterer for your on- or off-site event, you know the food is going to be freshly prepared. There's no question in your mind how long that tray of sandwiches was in the grocery store fridge, or if that veggie tray was cut last week. Your food arrives mouthwateringly fresh.

Catering is tailored to your event

Why choose a one-size-fits-all approach when you can customize a menu to your party or corporate event? Caterers offer more versatility and choice. Choose from hot buffet lunch options, boxed lunches, breakfasts, dinner buffets, and more with options like Italian, Mexican, and Greek-themed foods.

Catering is delivered to you

Who wants to clean, prep, host—and run over to the local grocery store to pick up the food? When you hire a caterer for your event, the food is delivered to you. Talk about convenient.

Catering is more affordable than you think

With easy ordering, a range of options, and packages starting at just 15 guests, catering is definitely within reach for most budgets. When you add up the cost of your sandwich trays, cookies, veggies, and sides, you'll see the value and appreciate the convenience even more.

Your caterer is a local business

An independently owned caterer is a local business. And buying local benefits your community  financially much more than buying with a chain store or large retailer. It's just another reason to consider hiring a caterer for your event over purchasing store-bought fare.

Since 1959, Catering with Elegance has combined beautiful venues, mouthwatering food, and top-notch service to transform events into treasured memories. We offer full-service catering and event management at two beautiful west suburban locations as well as off-site service for weddings, celebrations, and corporate events.


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