Marshall Barnes To Prove He Fulfills Neil Turok's Prediction for Who Will Solve Time Travel

Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng, Science Guest at the All-Con science fiction convention in Addison, Texas next week, will solve time travel to the past, fulfilling Neil Turok's prediction on the Science Channel's Horizon last night, on how someone would.
ADDISON, Texas - March 3, 2020 - PRLog -- Last night the Science Channel aired the BBC Horizon documentary on time travel. Like most time travel documentaries, too many unanswered questions while talking about worm holes, the speed of light and even a segment on the media hoax Ronald Mallett. Mallett, from the University of Connecticut, despite having written no scientific papers on time travel, let alone doing any demonstrable work or experiments that moved the science forward, is hyped as a leading time travel expert. However, the program ends with two apparent certainties from the Perimeter Institute in Canada - that according to Lee Smolin, time is physically real, and from Neil Turok, the answer to time travel is in quantum mechanics and one shouldn't be surprised if someone comes forward with the answers from it.

March 11 - 15, All-Con science fiction convention will host, as its science guest, the man fulfilling Turok's prediction. Internationally noted and followed, advanced concept science and technology R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes will present the answers, using quantum mechanics, all but settling questions about how time travel to the past can work and how he's doing it. Marshall's work is read around the world by people as diverse as independent researchers, faculty of the Science and Technology Institute of Physics at University of Tartu, to members of India's most advanced concept military technology agency. He's the author of Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel, written for select members of Congress, and is one of, if not the most funded time travel researcher in the US, surpassing University of Washington's John G. Cramer and even Ronald Mallett who's far more well known than both men together. Marshall points simply to overwhelming facts - Cramer crowd funded $40,000 for an experiment which failed. Mallett has over 16 years of fame and nothing to show for it

Meanwhile, Marshall has relentlessly made progress, especially in the area of physical experiments and connecting the gaps between scientific data and work from other scientists contributing to the all important solution Marshall has been pursuing - important because Marshall views time travel to the past as a sure means for humanity to escape extinction level events. In fact, Marshall is the author of such a study released last January - A Special Report: Temporal Escape.

Marshall (see ) will be available to answer questions from the public and the media.

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