Technologies of Infinity To Target Iran Wormhole Missile Project with Angry Eaglet Program

In the wake of missile attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq, internationally noted and followed R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes has announced that Iran's secretive wormhole missile program will be a target of his Angry Eaglet countermeasures research.
SHIRAZ, Iran - Feb. 15, 2020 - PRLog -- "I couldn't just let the threat of this wormhole missile go unanswered," Marshall Barnes says. "The idea that Iran could launch a missile that we couldn't track, and have it hit an American target is just untenable. There's no way I'm sitting by and not trying to devise a counter-measure. After all, I am an advanced concept, science and tech R&D engineer. If anyone could come up with a counter-measure, it's me."

Angry Eaglet™ is the program created by Marshall for development of weapons systems by his super start-up, Technologies of Infinity™, that can be easily deployed against forces hostile to the United States without having to go through the usual channels.

"Iran has been this repeated annoyance for me ever since I was an adult," Marshall explains. "If the Shah hadn't been such a jerk then there wouldn't have been the Islamic Revolution over there, with that clown Ayatollah Khomeini, and if Jimmy Carter hadn't allowed the Shah into the U.S. for cancer treatments, but arranged to have it done elsewhere, the hostage crisis wouldn't have happened, and there wouldn't have been that humiliating rescue mission that failed in the desert. Now that I think of it, Iran is ultimately behind why and how I got involved with weapons development in the first place. I developed the Fought Wheels™ project in response to the human wave attacks they were launching against Iraq back in the '80s. I think it would've been developed for deployment but for complications with the U.S. relationship with Iraq and my deciding to not join ArmTec International, after being offered employment by their legal representative and co-founder, James Maxwell."

Marshall sees the biggest problem being the inability to track the missile once it's launched and is sure that's why Mohammed Mansouryar, the physicist behind the idea, was selected by the MODAFL (Ministry of Defense Forces and Logistics) for application to the secret AMAD nuclear weapons development program. The idea is that after launch, the missile will create a wormhole directly ahead of its path that it will disappear into and then emerge at the intended target, undetected during the interim. Marshall is looking at ways that such a state (being in hyperspace) can be overcome in as far as detection is concerned.

"I have definitive ideas, but of course I can't reveal them. I don't believe in giving away secrets to the enemy," he said.

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Location:Shiraz - Fars - Iran
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