New Security Paradigm for Online Payments by Starcave Global showcased on FOX Business channel

The FOX Business segment highlighted the Color Code Technology, a revolutionary security system embedded in the Ghost Wallet Payment System and was launched through the MCCX project
By: The Soho Loft Media Group for Starcave Global Ltd
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Ghost Wallet Payment System
Ghost Wallet Payment System
NEW YORK - Dec. 17, 2019 - PRLog -- Starcave Global Ltd, a Hong Kong-based global financial cybersecurity and payments company, was featured on the new episode of Digital Innovators, a 30-minute television series highlighting thought leaders for bringing cutting-edge technology and innovations to life. The short interview segment from the show's episode was aired on the FOX Business channel.

In this episode, Starcave Global Director Eddy Kim spoke with Digital Innovators host David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group. Director Eddy Kim shared how their breakthrough Color Code Security Technology can solve the security issues inherent in the existing binary system, especially for credit card payments.

David Drake noted that Starcave Global's solution of replacing credit cards with a temporary card or QR code can be used for payment transactions with an additional layer of security. David Drake said, "You can never lose your credit card again, you're never giving your credit card to anybody again, and you are only paying temporary with using a light signature that creates an additional layer of protection that makes it impossible to duplicate."

Light and color come from a natural source, a source longer than mathematical equations. "If you could actually represent individual color into a mathematical order, obviously that would be a lot better than just having a binary code as a security code. With the human eyes, when you look at one certain color such as orange, you may think that this is one orange color. But then again in real life, there are over a million types of orange," said Eddy Kim.

Users can access the one-time, temporary color code using their smartphones. They will have control over their payment transactions from the amount of input to drawing the pattern to generate the color code to secure the payment. When the user makes a mistake in typing the amount, the transaction will be immediately invalidated and the user needs to draw another color code combination.

Director Eddy Kim further explained, "So what this color code enables you to do is that once you actually put a set amount using scribble - what we call the one disposal coupon barcode number - on the scanner, then that will actually transmit into a vending machine. And if the amount doesn't match with the actual amount, it will automatically cancel. Before the actual transaction happens, you can cancel anything."

In recent news, Starcave Global, headed by Founder and Chairman Harrison Park, also secured a $3 million investment partnership with LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd, the offshore investment arm under the LDJ Capital Venture Capital (VC) Division, and the company also launched its MCCX Project powered by their Color Code Security Technology.

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About Starcave Global

Starcave Global is a Hong Kong-based global financial cybersecurity and payments company. It owns Starlion Company, a South Korea-based company. Its MCCX coin is listed on UBIX Bank Exchange. The MCCX token features its core technology called the Color Code Security. This core technology supports its services like the Ghost Wallet platform, Ghost Payment, and Ghost Card.

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