Medicine Meets Engineering: inTheSmart's (iTS) endoscopic fluorescent imaging system provides high-quality colored imaging in real-time

inTheSmart (iTS) develops its endoscopic fluorescent imaging system in collaboration with Seoul National University Hospital
By: The Soho Loft Media Group for inTheSmart Co., Ltd.
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inTheSmart executive team at NYSE
inTheSmart executive team at NYSE
NEW YORK - Dec. 4, 2019 - PRLog -- iTS (inTheSmart) Co. Ltd., a medical device company specializing in high-tech medical equipment based in South Korea, proudly presents their advanced endoscope equipped with fluorescent imaging system in the Digital Innovators episode filmed inside the New York Stock Exchange. inTheSmart's CEO and founder Dr. Choonghee Lee and Director Eddy Kim spoke with David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital and host of Digital Innovators.

inTheSmart's endoscopic imaging system uses a fluorescent light to visualize the internal body in color and highlight veins, major arteries, and blood vessels in real-time. The endoscopic fluorescent imaging system can run parallel with surgeries.

iTS CEO Dr. Choonghee Lee said, "Endoscopes are visualizing the blood vessels, lymph nodes, and in some cases, tumors in real-time. We make it possible for surgeons to see and avoid the vessels, vessel cutting, vessel failure and we provide the reference on how to cut and where to cut in an operation. In some cases like liver surgery, we can show the tumor in real-time so they can get to know the precise position and the shape of liver cancer in the operation."

CEO Dr. Lee shared that they will adopt the AI function with the help of Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH). SNUH provided iTS over 130,000 cases of AI health checkup data which iTS will apply in the development of their medical devices.

LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake expressed his delight with how iTS addressed the communication gap between the doctors and medical device engineers. "Now the engineers can better understand how the doctors conduct their medical procedures and surgeries and vice versa. iTS is bridging that with their technology. It's fascinating."

iTS Director Eddy Kim shared the future growth plans of the company including their plans of entering the US market. "At this moment, one of our endoscopes are used in Washington DC in the Children's Hospital. They're quite fascinated about the usage and they would like to see more coming from iTS. We also have a joint venture with China in the works," added Director Eddy Kim.

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About inTheSmart Co. Ltd. (iTS)

With more than 10 years of medical device R&D experience, iTS is a medical device company specializing in high-tech medical devices.

Headquartered in Seoul National University Hospital's (SNUH) Center for Medical Innovation, we are collaborating with medical professionals to not only develop user-focused technologies, but also design and supply innovative and essential medical devices.

Starting with the endoscopic fluorescence imaging system, we are developing high-tech medical devices such as AI fundus camera and smart robotic prosthetic.

By continuously investing in R&D, we strive to supply the world's best products to promote health and happiness for all medical professionals and patients.


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