Caris Rail advocates cost-efficient and environment-friendly road safety with its state-of-the-art PVC safety guardrails

Caris Rail executive team presents the world's first patented PVC resin safety guardrails in the Digital Innovators show filmed inside the NYSE
By: The Soho Loft Media Group for Caris Co., Ltd.
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Caris Rail executive team at the NYSE
Caris Rail executive team at the NYSE
NEW YORK - Dec. 3, 2019 - PRLog -- Caris Co. Ltd., a PVC-oriented manufacturing company based in South Korea, was pleased to introduce their patented PVC resin safety guardrails in the episode of Digital Innovators filmed inside the New York Stock Exchange. Digital Innovators show is a 30-minute TV series that highlights industry and thought leaders and their cutting-edge technology and innovations.

Caris CEO Cheol Yu and Manager Shawn Kim spoke with David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital and host of Digital Innovators. CEO Cheol Yu said, "We started as a small company in South Korea. Somehow, we have made it in the US. In the near future, I just hope that I could be able to spread our product globally and create awareness that there is an item like this available for governments and departments of transportation to utilize on their roads."

The guardrail's PVC resin component is made from recycled plastic waste and is mixed with luminescent materials which allows the rails to gather energy by day and emit light at night helping motorists and drivers to better navigate the roads at night. The unique honeycomb-like construction of the Caris guardrails has been progressively improved for over 10 years to withstand various US and South Korean vehicle crash tests allowing vehicles to bounce off the guardrails upon impact at certain angles with reduced vehicle damage and increased safety for the passengers and the environment.  Its PVC material makes the guardrails rust-free and corrosion-resistant.

Stating the company's stand on environmental impact, Caris Manager Shawn Kim added, "Not only are the guardrails recyclable after they are no longer good for the road, but we use recycled plastic materials to extrude the guardrail from the beginning. This way, we hope to reduce the plastic waste that is all around the world and this way, we make an impact while we do business with these guardrails as well." Compared to existing steel guardrails, Caris PVC guardrails are safe, effective, and cost-efficient and aligns with global efforts to reduce plastic wastes through recycling.

Recently, Caris has secured a supply contract and will soon build a factory in Uzbekistan. Caris PVC safety guardrails have passed multiple crash and impact tests in South Korea and the MASH TL2 test in the US which makes them eligible to expand in different markets around the world.

Watch the full interview here:

About Caris Rail

Caris Co. Ltd. is a company that manufactures PVC oriented road safety products.

Their mission is to utilize eco-friendly materials and production methods to introduce products that are not only beneficial to humans but the environment as well. Their products are a result of decades of rigorous R&D facilitated by company founder, Mr. Cheol Yu.

Caris Co. Ltd. is proud to present the world's first PVC guardrail, a product based on 20 years of knowledge and experience.


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