Going Green: Caris redefines road safety with its patented guardrails made from recycled PVC plastic waste

Caris introduces the world's first eco-friendly PVC road safety guardrail during a Digital Innovators show interview at Nasdaq
By: The Soho Loft Media Group for Caris Co., Ltd.
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Caris Guardrail team at NASDAQ
Caris Guardrail team at NASDAQ
NEW YORK - Nov. 22, 2019 - PRLog -- Caris Co. Ltd., a South Korea-based company manufacturing PVC-oriented road safety products, was featured in an episode of Digital Innovators show filmed inside the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square, New York City.

Caris unveils its state-of-the-art luminescent PVC safety guardrail that helps road safety become cost-efficient and environment-friendly. The patented road safety guardrails are made using PVC resin from recycled plastic waste and equipped with the "honeycomb" shock absorption structure. The honeycomb structure provides great impact absorption to minimize the risk and damage to the vehicles and the passengers.

The Caris executive team consisting of Founder and CEO Mr. Cheol Yu and Manager Shawn Kim spoke with David Drake, host of Digital Innovators show. CEO Yu said, "We started as a relatively small company from South Korea compared to other companies from around the world. I am very excited about the opportunity to introduce our products to the US. I believe that our products will perform better than traditional methods that a lot of countries are using."

The road safety guardrails are made with luminescent materials mixed in the PVC component and come in different colors that emit light at night. Manager Kim noted, "Basically, it's for greater visibility for drivers during the night. Right now, we see that galvanized steel increases visibility for drivers using reflective stickers. We thought, 'why not light up the whole thing?'"

Manager Kim further noted that their patented safety guardrails have passed safety crash tests in South Korea and the MASH test in the US which all highlight the resiliency and durability of the guardrails as it absorbs great impact without breaking apart.

Compared to existing steel guardrails, Caris PVC guardrails are safe, effective, and cost-efficient and aligns with global efforts to reduce plastic wastes through recycling.

Watch the full interview here: https://digitalinnovators.tv/nasdaq/caris

About Caris Rail

Caris Co. Ltd. is a company that manufactures PVC oriented road safety products.

Their mission is to utilize eco-friendly materials and production methods to introduce products that are not only beneficial to humans but the environment as well. Their products are a result of decades of rigorous R&D facilitated by company founder, Mr. Cheol Yu.

Caris Co. Ltd. is proud to present the world's first PVC guardrail, a product based on 20 years of knowledge and experience.


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