Medical Technology Advancement: iTS (inTheSmart) to promote its endoscopic fluorescence imaging system on FOX Business

Dr Choonghee Lee of iTS (inTheSmart) Co. Ltd introduces the endoscopic fluorescence imaging system on the Digital Innovators show with a segment set to air on the FOX Business channel
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NEW YORK - Nov. 13, 2019 - PRLog -- iTS (inTheSmart) Co. Ltd., a South Korea-based medical device company specializing in high-tech medical equipment, will be featured in an upcoming FOX Business segment for nationwide broadcast. The segment is part of the Digital Innovators show featuring a one-on-one interview of the company's founder and CEO Dr. Choonghee Lee. The Digital Innovators show is a 30-minute TV series highlighting industry leaders and thought leaders and how they bring cutting-edge technology and innovations to fruition.

The iTS  (inTheSmart) endoscopic fluorescence imaging system features an endoscope with an imaging system that uses fluorescent light to show high-quality and precise images in real time that enables doctors and surgeons to perform various delicate and complicated medical surgeries and procedures.

inTheSmart is the first company to secure an investment from the prestigious Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) enabling the company to develop high-tech medical devices for the hospital. Dr. Choonghee Lee, CEO and founder of inTheSmart, is an alumnus of the university, and their collaboration is aimed to produce a synergistic relationship between medical doctors and medical equipment engineers.

Dr. Choonghee Lee spoke with David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital and host of the Digital Innovators show. "With our device and our technology on the near infrared imaging, we can, in real time, visualize the position of vessels and lymph nodes and even cancer and tumors," said Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee's vision for the firm is to be at the forefront of the global medical equipment industry  using cutting-edge technology to advance health and wellness. With the development of high-tech medical devices, the firm will bridge the gap between the field of medicine and engineering where there is a lack of interaction between doctors and engineers. "In Korea, engineers develop medical devices by themselves and give it to doctors and the doctors don't know how to use it. I realized that it is the core problem, so I decided to do a medical device business with Seoul National University Hospital," added Dr. Lee.

"The imaging, until today, I thought was much further advanced than what iTS has created. But this device allows the fluorescence to identify the veins and not make a mistake that could cost a life. It's fascinating what younger doctors can learn using this device," said LDJ Capital Chairman and Digital Innovators host David Drake.

He added that one of iTS' strongest advantage in securing a global industry leadership is in positioning itself as the ideal medical equipment commercialization partner for medical institutions and universities because of Dr. Lee's collaboration with Seoul National University Hospital. Consequently, premier US medical institutions and prestigious doctors from Johns Hopkins Hospital and Cedar Sinai Hospital have signified interest to work with iTS.

To watch the full interview:

About inTheSmart Co. Ltd. (iTS)

With more than 10 years of medical device R&D experience, iTS is a medical device company specializing in high-tech medical devices.

Headquartered in Seoul National University Hospital's (SNUH) Center for Medical Innovation, we are collaborating with medical professionals to not only develop user-focused technologies, but also design and supply innovative and essential medical devices.

Starting with endoscopic fluorescence imaging system, we are developing high-tech medical devices such as AI fundus camera and smart robotic prosthetic.

By continuously investing in R&D, we strive to supply the world's best products to promote health and happiness for all medical professionals and patients.


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