Eco-friendly Road Safety: Caris Company to introduce its durable and cost-efficient PVC guardrails on FOX Business

Caris Company Ltd. promotes its patented PVC road safety guardrails on the Digital Innovators show, a segment of which is set to air via FOX Business
By: The Soho Loft Media Group for Caris Co., Ltd.
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CARIS Company Ltd LOGO
CARIS Company Ltd LOGO
NEW YORK - Nov. 12, 2019 - PRLog -- Caris Co. Ltd., a manufacturing company of PVC-based road safety products based in South Korea, has been featured in a Digital Innovators show with a segment set for a later broadcast to FOX Business Channel. The segment is taken from the Digital Innovators interview with Caris Manager Shawn Kim. Digital Innovators is a 30-minute TV series highlighting industry and thought leaders and their commitment to bring cutting-edge technology and innovations to life.

Shawn Kim spoke with David Drake, LDJ Capital's Chairman and the host of Digital Innovators, about Caris Company Ltd and its patent to the world's first PVC safety guardrail. Manager Kim shared, "Our main priority is the safety of the driver, and our goal right off the bat was to create a guardrail out of plastic that could be as effective, if not better, than the current steel guardrails out in the market today."

Caris guardrail is also the world's first PVC resin road safety guardrails made from recycled plastic waste. Aside from being environment-friendly, their patented safety guardrails utilize the "honeycomb" superior shock absorption structure that reduces the impact from a crash without breaking apart. In addition, the luminescent feature of the guardrail allows the rails to emit light at night to help drivers navigate roads in the dark.

"Our top 3 successes are the fact that we have a working product - a PVC resin that's able to withstand collisions from all types of different cars. Second, the whole illuminating effect that our PVC guardrails are able to provide. The third one is the fact that our guardrails are manufactured from recycled plastics," said Manager Kim.

Caris guardrail has passed multiple crash tests both in South Korea and in the US. The crash tests were conducted using different vehicles like trucks and cars and mainly with the impact speed of 40 kph and 65 kph.

To watch the full Caris interview on Digital Innovators:

About Caris Rail

Caris Co. Ltd. is a company that manufactures PVC-oriented road safety products.

Their mission is to utilize eco-friendly materials and production methods to introduce products that are not only beneficial to humans but the environment as well. Their products are a result of decades of rigorous R&D facilitated by company founder, Mr. Cheol Yu.

Caris Co. Ltd. is proud to present the world's first PVC guardrail, a product based on 20 years of knowledge and experience.


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