In the Guide, "Moms Letting Go Without Giving Up," Moms Learn How to Self-Care

In this seven-step self-help book for moms of adult addicted loved ones, M. Weidenbenner shows moms how to regain control of their health, their marriage, and their relationships.
By: R. Publishing, LLC
MomsLettingGo_3D (1)
MomsLettingGo_3D (1)
WARSAW, Ind. - Nov. 1, 2019 - PRLog -- One-hundred and thirty people die a day from drug overdoses.

Every time the phone rings, moms are afraid it's going to be the call, the one she fears the most about her addicted loved one, the one that informs her that her child has become another statistic.

Addictive behavior patterns repeat over and over again. Moms get bombarded with managing crisis after crisis, and in the meantime, they become ill. They lose sleep, money, friends and jobs.

Moms become addicted to the act of helping their children to the detriment of themselves and the rest of their family.

Moms can't control their addicted loved one's choices, but they can control their responses to their children. Nothing changes if moms don't change, but first she must identify what changes she needs to make.

As the mother of a recovering addict, Michelle understands. She wants to help moms learn the wisdom she's gained on her journey and shares some of her secrets in this guidebook.

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