New Terminator Film Bows In Wake Of Real Time Travel Breakthroughs: Marshall Barnes For

Internationally noted advanced concept science and technology engineer and temporal mechanic, Marshall Barnes has penned a review of the Terminator time travel science issues for, as Terminator: Dark Fate prepares to bow October 31st.
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng: Solved the conundrums of time travel.
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng: Solved the conundrums of time travel.
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Oct. 29, 2019 - PRLog -- It's highly ironic. The film franchise that sparked interest in solving time travel conundrums for Marshall Barnes, now releases it's latest sequel in the wake of the biggest breakthroughs toward making time travel to the past a reality. Sounds like science fiction? It's not and internationally noted and followed, time travel scientist and advanced concept sci-tech engineer, Marshall Barnes has released a detailed account of how both things add up, in his article for, Terminating the Time Travel Veracity of 'The Terminator', just released today.

The article details why time travel concepts and purposes behind Terminator films are terminally flawed, reflecting nothing close to where the new, true time travel science has emerged. With contributions from the likes of David Deutsch, Yakir Aharonov and others, Marshall has made dramatic progress proving parallel universes are real, with breakthrough, physical experiments most physicists thought impossible. According to Marshall, time travel to the past is just one step away from being realized.

"I've always said the first Terminator sequel made me begin to look at time travel seriously, intent to resolve the conundrums and paradoxes associated with it," Marshall says. "I surmised parallel universes had to be the solution, although I was completely unaware at the time there was any scientific basis for them."

Marshall covers things like closed timelike curves, why going to the past to change the future won't work, and what those time travel bubbles probably are. He even debunks positions posited by Cal Tech physicist Sean Carroll, who served as the science consultant for the Terminator: Genysis film.

"There's quite a bit of misinformation, from physicists as well as science fiction writers. I point this out, especially physicists who think they can continue to apply Einstein's theories to time travel. He didn't even believe in time travel to the past. There are no good solutions for it in any of Einstein's work. Show me a physicist who says otherwise, I'll show one who would lose badly in any debate with me".

Now, as audiences flock to see Terminator: Dark Fate, in the back of many minds the two key components of the series, AI robotics and time travel, will soon no longer be science fiction. At least if AI robots do turn against Humankind, the past will be safe from them. See the article at .

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