DCI Purpose Projects Raised Awareness of Kidney Disease Around the U.S

By: Dialysis Clinic, Inc.
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2019 DCI Purpose Projects
2019 DCI Purpose Projects
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Oct. 16, 2019 - PRLog -- Dialysis Clinic, Inc. (DCI), the nation's largest non-profit dialysis provider, hosted community service projects in multiple cities across the United States in order to raise awareness of kidney disease while meeting a need in the local community.

"At DCI, we look for ways to educate people about kidney disease before there is ever a need for dialysis," stated Jessica Emler, DCI Public Information Manager. "Most people don't realize that kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death in the U.S. People don't tend to talk about it. We created events that people would want to attend, hopefully helping them to recognize kidney disease early and potentially prevent future kidney failure."

The 25 Purpose Projects were impactful. The Projects had over 19,000 attendees. 489 people were screened for kidney disease. Over $11,000 was raised and given to local charities. 40 community partners served alongside DCI employees.

The events, held between January 1 and September 30, 2019, varied in nature. They included: health fairs, walks and runs, game nights, educational activities during movies in the park, cooking demonstrations, the creation and debut of nutritional videos, food collection and the establishment of a food pantry, and partnerships with local schools to host fun and engaging kidney disease classes.

"The early stages of kidney disease, stages 1-3, typically have no symptoms and less than 10 percent of people with early stage kidney disease are even aware that they have it," stated Emler. "We will continue to find ways to raise awareness of this silent killer, kidney disease."

Over 661,000 Americans have chronic kidney disease. Studies show that older age (60+ years), diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and higher body mass index (BMI) are associated with chronic kidney disease.

If you would like to learn more about kidney disease, visit https://www.dciinc.org/kidney-disease-progression/.

If you would like to discuss treatment option for kidney failure, you can find a DCI unit near you by visiting https://www.dciinc.org/clinic-map/.


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