Introducing Trident Silicon Neural Probes

Research Tools for Monitoring and Controlling the Nervous System
Trident Neural Probe
Trident Neural Probe
GAITHERSBURG, Md. - Oct. 5, 2019 - PRLog -- Microprobes for Life Science, in partnership with Bio-Signal Technologies, is proud to announce – Trident probes – a new line of silicon-based linear arrays for high-resolution monitoring of brain electrical activity at multiple depths. The arrays are optimized for simultaneous extracellular recordings of single- and multiple-units and local field potentials from shallow and deep neural structures. Available in a variety of popular geometries and configurations suited for anesthetized, head-fixed, or freely-behaving animals, Trident probes can also be built to match the form-factors and connector options of competing probes allowing them to serve as drop-in replacements.

We will feature an ever-expanding catalog of design options, including integration of optical (for optogenetics) and fluid (for drug delivery) channels over the coming years. Contact us to learn how we can supply your laboratory with silicon probes that will generate the high-quality data you demand while optimizing your budget.

  • Manufactured at a world-class semiconductor fabrication facility
  • Monitor coarse to fine-scale laminar brain dynamics
  • Customizable by highly-skilled technicians to meet special requirements
  • Electrode sites available in gold, platinum, iridium oxide, or PEDOT
  • Electrical stimulation & recording sites available
  • 16-, 32-, and 64-channels per shank
  • 1 to 4 parallel shanks per probe
  • Facilitates current source density analysis
  • Acute and chronic configurations
  • Small and large animal models
  • Priced much lower than competing probes

Stop by our SfN 2019 Booth #1568 in Chicago, IL to learn more. For more information now, visit

"We are thrilled to add silicon probes to our product portfolio. It enhances our ability to meet the increasing needs of even more researchers than we currently serve around the world."
Martin Bak, CEO, Microprobes for Life Science

"We're truly excited to provide researchers with an attractive alternative source for high-density neural interfaces."
Erik Nilsen, PhD, CEO, Bio-Signal Technologies

About Microprobes for Life Science:

A global provider of implantable neural microelectrodes, multi-channel arrays, and related systems Microprobes for Life Science has over 30 years of expertise in microelectrode design and fabrication. We serve national and international research facilities as well as Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Microprobes was founded by Martin Bak and is an ISO 9001:2008 registered firm.

About Bio-Signal Technologies:
Bio-Signal Technologies is an extraordinary provider of intuitive, high-performance, and cost-effective neurophysiology systems for studying the nervous system during behavior. Our product development process has user experience at its core, which ensures instinctive product designs that can be operated efficiently with little to no training. Bio-Signal was co-founded by Meifang Ma and Erik Nilsen.

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