Allan Renshaw, Artist - 'Return to Origins' Painting Exhibition

Exceptional Exhibition from 17/08/19 - 12/10/19 at Tweeddale Museum & Gallery in Peebles, Scotland, UK.
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Return to Origins - Totemic Heronlands Triptych, 2019
Return to Origins - Totemic Heronlands Triptych, 2019
PEEBLES, Scotland - Sept. 25, 2019 - PRLog -- Exhibition presents critical artworks, dealing in earth + origins. Reaching back in time to retrieve the aboriginal intelligence that was once our birthright. Allan has taken a vital, psycho-archaeological journey in painting across 10,000 years - re-connecting us to the profound ecological mind of nature. His powerful paintings are 'image-stories' providing visceral experience through painting & word - showing us a way of restoring our intimate human identification with nature in a time of deep ecological crisis.

Reactions have been positive & wide-ranging:

- 'I felt my soul was stirred by both your artwork & story-telling' - Author, Mary Anne Willow, Innerleithen.
- 'I feel like you've painted me' - Fiona McPherson, Haddington.
- First thought before reading info was: aboriginal in the southern hemisphere - wrong, obviously in the northern hemisphere! Interesting work, unusual application of medium. Very evocative of ancient times.' - H. Fryer, Innerleithen.
-'An ethereal, almost magical experience, looking beyond what is, into what is inside and below - glad I came' - Maddy Ganson, Dundee.
-'A wonderful combination of the intellectual and the spiritual human truth of our existence & our lack of respect for our origins - the planet and our place in it all. I 'got it' straight away thanks to your clarity of vision' - Ian James.

Exhibition includes oil paintings spanning last 5 years of production including work from Allan's Songlands Series, produced entirely in Eastern Canada & from his current Scottish work the Whaleback & Heronlands Series.

Imperative ecological undercurrents are evident throughout the exhibition, concerning the balance of humans in nature & reinforcing our need for an intimate, balanced identification with nature. This ethos further complements the originality & integrity of the work which promises to captivate, enrich & inspire audiences.

Allan approaches his art through a psychic lens enabling him to attune & identify with his wild natural environment & communicate this through painting. Allan's unusual style is not modeled off any particular artist or influence. He has developed a set of specific techniques over the years including rubbing, masking, scribing and layered patination & always works in series. The 'image-stories' are intended as a vital connection between our ecological origins & our modern human minds - a reminder of how we once were a part of nature and how we can be again - if our biosphere is to survive us.

Allan exhibited at the Duncan MacArthur Gallery in Kingston, Ontario in 2014 & has been selected as Distinguished Artist by Ontario-based Art Ascent journal.

         FB: @AllanRenshaw.ARt


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