Key to Wider Adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies Revealed at World Congress

Helping people to understand, select and acquire them and to excel at difficult tasks can be the key to the more rapid adoption of innovations and new and emerging technologies.
Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas
PETERBOROUGH, U.K. - Aug. 29, 2019 - PRLog -- Affordable renewable energy technologies offer hope in tackling global warming, but they will not be adopted just because they exist and can reduce carbon emissions, according to Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas. In a plenary address at the inauguration of the World Renewable Energy Technology Congress and the World Water Summit he told delegates: "Help people to understand, select and acquire innovations."

The chairman of Adaptation was presented with the Energy and Environment Foundation's 2019 Global Excellence Award for Renewable Energy. He finds "The speed with which successive innovations are adopted by consumers has increased exponentially. Millions of people can adopt something before less connected people even become aware of it." However: many organisations move more slowly. Even with our climate emergency, various factors can hinder progress."

According to the professor: "Whether or not the benefits of innovation occur can depend upon  understanding, demand, price and the availability of alternatives. Many current approaches are not helping."

Drawing upon the Winning Companies; Winning People investigation which he leads, Coulson-Thomas revealed: "We don't need to transform every area of corporate operation. We need to focus on critical success factors for key tasks and understand what super stars do differently in these areas. Average performers can be quickly helped to adopt their winning ways."

The investigation identifies critical success factors for key corporate activities. Over 20 evidence-based reports and the book Winning Companies; Winning People outline quicker, more affordable and less disruptive routes to high performance organisations.

Coulson-Thomas reported: "Even the best companies are only very effective at less than a half of the identified critical success factors. The performance of every participating company could be quickly increased by putting additional critical success factors in place. The key to coping with variable performance and increasing productivity is to identify high performers and capture and share what they do differently. There are affordable ways of doing this. Helping people to understand and excel at difficult tasks can speed up the adoption of innovations and new technologies."

Coulson-Thomas concluded: "Support can be individualised and made available 24/7 when and wherever it is needed, including while on the move. It can be simple, scalable, cost- effective and simultaneously deliver benefits for people, organisations and the planet. He concluded: "There are affordable ways of helping people to understand and adopt innovations and new technologies. You can do what I have been talking about with your existing organisational structures, infrastructure, people and cultures. Go for it."

Prof. (Dr) Colin Coulson-Thomas, chairman of Adaptation, leader of the winning companies; winning people investigation, has helped directors in over 40 countries to improve director, board and corporate performance. An experienced chairman of award winning companies and vision holder of successful transformation programmes, Colin is the author of over 60 books and reports and he has spoken at over 300 international events. Details of his most recent books and reports on critical success factors for key corporate activities and quicker, more affordable and less disruptive ways of increasing performance can be found on:

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