Advanced Tree Care Highlights its Commercial Tree Services

As tree care professionals, we serve both residential and commercial property owners with their tree care needs.
By: Advanced Tree Care
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Commercial properties use many of the same services as residential properties.
Commercial properties use many of the same services as residential properties.
LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. - July 12, 2019 - PRLog -- Many of our commercial services overlap with our residential services, only greater in scale—since commercial properties tend to be much larger and be home to a great number and variety of trees.

Our commercial customers include:
·       Municipalities, park districts, and other government agencies
·       Private businesses, business parks, and corporate campuses
·       Facilities, including golf courses and cemeteries

Services include:

Tree pruning

Regular tree pruning creates stronger and healthier trees with attractive, pleasing shapes. Pruning is conducted, though, for both health and safety. While pruning can take place at any time of the year for most species of trees, certain types of trees should only be pruned during dormancy in late fall or winter. A certified arborist directs all pruning, which entails three types:
·       Class 1, or fine pruning, is a detailed process in which the full tree is pruned, tip to stem. All dead limbs are removed, and branches are thinned, shaping the canopy over time. This type is the most common type of pruning for residential projects.
·       Class 2, or general pruning, is the most common type of pruning for commercial projects. Only dead limbs are removed, so general pruning is less extensive, though does need to be performed more frequently.
·       Class 3, also called safety pruning, concerns the removal of dangerous limbs that could pose a safety hazard in high winds, intense storms, or with the added weight of snow or ice.

Commercial tree removal

This service is offered for both planned and emergency removal of trees damaged through disease, decline, weather, or other reasons. Because tree removal can be complex and dangerous, it is best conducted by a professional tree service led by a certified arborist.

Commercial stump removal

Commercial stump grinding is conducted following the removal of a tree or trees. There are five different methods for stump grinding, and a certified arborist will help determine which is the most effective way for a particular project or situation.

Government, municipal, and park district services

Public and government agencies want to ensure that trees and landscapes are safe, healthy, and cared for properly for the enjoyment of residents and the betterment of the community. As the exclusive contracted tree service provider for ten cities, multiple park districts, and other government agencies, Advanced Tree Care currently manages over 60 square miles of urban landscape trees and shrubs in 13 counties in two states—Illinois and Wisconsin.

Golf course and cemetery services

To enhance the beauty and ensure the safety of golf courses and cemeteries, Advanced Tree Care provides regular maintenance and care for these facilities' treescapes.

Land clearing and restoration

Some commercial sites require a fresh start. New construction or extensive renovation often require planting a landscape from scratch. An experienced staff can remove old, dead, diseased, or unsuitable trees and plants, and design a new landscape for a site.

Maintenance programs

Our programs give trees proper service and periodic care so they look their best and thrive at their healthiest. Our two primary programs are Advanced Gold and Advanced Silver. We work with our clients to determine the right fit for the budget and need.

Tree identification and inventory

A full tree inventory creates a baseline for monitoring and caring for the health of a treescape—in the most efficient way possible. It catalogs the species and condition of a property's trees and notes the presence of any invasive species or problematic pests. Like a plat of survey, the tree inventory notes the position of every tree on the property.

Advanced thermal tree imaging

Commercial projects often benefit from advanced thermal tree imaging, which uses FLIR (forward-looking resonance imaging) to analyze areas of stress not visible to the naked eye. This data allows a certified arborist to make informed decisions regarding preventive care, treatment, or removal.

Advanced Tree Care combines top-notch equipment, cutting-edge technology, and well-trained staff to provide emergency tree removal and tree maintenance services. With a presence in nine counties and two states, we work daily to provide unparalleled customer service, safety, and efficiency—as well as the expertise to beautify your landscaping and community. Advanced Tree Care isn't just our name—it's also our purpose!


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