Marshall Barnes Launches "Massive" Effort To Bar Ronald Mallett From Defrauding Unsuspecting Funders

After being victimized himself, and mounting public evidence supporting his allegations, Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng launches his campaign to destroy the career of Ronald L. Mallett once and for all - to prevent further fraud by the famous physicist.
Ronald Mallett's $799 Time Travel X scam
Ronald Mallett's $799 Time Travel X scam
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STORRS, Conn. - July 5, 2019 - PRLog -- After being victimized himself, and the mounting public evidence supporting his allegations, Marshall Barnes,
R&D Eng launches his campaign to destroy the career of Ronald L. Mallett once and for all, to prevent further fraud by the famous physicist.

"This is a war between right and wrong, good vs evil and truth vs lies. This conflict is entirely Ronald Mallett's fault, driven by his desire for fame at all costs. Ronald Mallett has made a mockery out of the media, science and academic standards. He's proved himself, in as far as his extracurricular career is concerned, to be nothing more but a liar, fraud and con man and that's why this conflict must end with the total, complete, and utter destruction of his name, character and reputation because then, and only then, will his ability to further perpetuate this criminal enterprise, which has already violated Florida law specifically, be brought to a final and justifiable end."

So states Marshall Barnes, who has been at war with the famous UConn physics professor, whom he used to support, until Mallett betrayed him. Ronald Mallett stabbed Marshall in the back by breaking, in secret, a verbal agreement they had - then joining forces with con man Scott J. Cooper of World Patent Marketing to launch a campaign of fraud and misrepresentation that was finally ended by a Federal Trade Commission investigation into fraud, misrepresentation and illegal threats by Cooper and World Patent Marketing.

Mallett's response so far has been to ignore Marshall and try to continue his campaign to promote his self-proclaimed "breakthrough", which was working for a while, supported by key allies such as the Lavin Agency, African American Registry, TEDxVienna, Hyperfizzics, and dozens of media and online fans. But when Marshall changed from just being a competitor with Mallett to being a sworn enemy and declaring war, things changed. Marshall confronted Mallett supporters with evidence of his lies and in some cases - their own lies to support him. When Mallett broke Florida law with Scott J. Cooper by promoting a fraudulent promotional video created by Cooper, Marshall was ready - already having publicly identified the planned Cooper/Mallett effort as looking like a scam.

"I have given Mallett the opportunity to avoid disaster,"  Marshall laments. "I never wanted this. But in 2015, after Mallett had already lost the race to build the first time machine on a particle level - to me, he then joined with Cooper who announced that the race was 'hotly contested' as if it wasn't over, and then threw his support behind Mallett. I knew it was never going to end until I destroyed everything about Mallett that would make the media want to cover him and anyone to ever support him."

Marshall did just that. Once Cooper and Mallett broke the law - by promoting that video, Marshall filed a report with the Florida Attorney General's office who then forwarded the report to Federal Trade Commission to use as evidence against World Patent Marketing who they had just begun to raid. Within months, all of Mallett's support was eroding or had been dissipated. Then, Mallett was exposed when the media began to attack Matthew Whitaker - for becoming the acting US Attorney General, after his role in World Patent Marketing was exposed. For the first time ever, Mallett's work was being accused of being "pseudo-science" and "insane".

Meanwhile, Marshall's research was finding that Mallett's design had so many critical flaws in it that even if the criticisms of other physicists were wrong, there's no way Mallett's "breakthrough" would ever work. Recently, the prestigious selected Marshall's breakthrough paper, Killing Closed Timelike Curves (For Their Own Good and Ours) for promotion within its system. In that paper is the overwhelming evidence that closed time-like curves, a mathematical geometry that Mallett's design cannot function without, are not real - only existing as a mathematical anomaly. Aside from Marshall's research, showing the reliance on CTCs by physicists is based solely on hidden assumptions, Marshall makes the stunning argument that with no cogent model of time, CTCs vanish, thus making Marshall a superior time travel scientist by far when compared with Mallett - who has yet to publish a single, solitary paper on time travel science.

"This is part and parcel of Ronald Mallett being a fraud," Marshall states. "That the idea he is a time travel scientist, let alone that he's on the leading edge of the field, is a damn lie. And it is this lie which was front and center of his effort, with Scott J. Cooper, to essentially defraud investors in their scheme called, Time Travel X, and Time Travel Technologies, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Their promotional video broke Florida law by containing false and misleading information, including the idea that Mallett's project is supported by the science community - it is not. The slide they use in the video that says "Scientists Explain Why Time Travel Is Possible", by Amanda Onion for ABC News, isn't even about him! Michio Kaku, Kip Thorne, Brian Greene, Sean Carroll, Ken Olum, Alan Everett, J.R Gott and more say his ideas are flawed and impossible. Even Stephen Hawking had claimed that Mallett's work 'is poor'. Claims that funds from Time Travel X would fund research to make time travel possible are false, when in truth Mallett's research is completely unfounded and he has shown no proclivity to even be able to actually understand what it takes to create a 'functioning' time machine, outside of the fantasies of physics.

"This is why Ronald Mallett must be exposed and defamed into obliteration, so that no one is fooled, conned or duped by his blatant BS anymore. I've started this campaign and I'm going to finish it, with prejudice."

This isn't the first time Marshall has made an effort to protect the public from Mallett's chicanery. In the wake of the FTC shutdown of World Patent Marketing, Marshall announced an effort to help any victims of their Time Travel X scheme. Although he tried, Marshall discovered the FTC shutdown destroyed the Time Travel X scheme before anyone bought any of the units which were to be sold for $799, so there were no victims (see ).

"I'm launching an audio documentary, 3 books, live events and more," Marshall says about his upcoming effort. "I have basic evidence laid out in 3 sets of talking points, 5 points per set, proving Ronald Mallett, as far as it pertains to his time travel career, is a liar, fraud and con man and I say so, as I have been - for 2 years now. This time, it will be made obvious to anyone who looks. This is going to be defamation of character on a grand scale but it will be completely legal because everything is proved to be true. That's the defense against charges of defamation. The truth."

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