Marshall Barnes "Seizes" Ronald Mallett's LOTART Patent For His Famous Time Machine Design

In a radically brilliant move, Marshall Barnes has acted against the provisional patent filing by Ronald Mallett, in retribution for Mallett defrauding him in 2007, taking the value from it and denying any benefit to Mallett or others.
Ronald L. Mallett and the diagram for the basis of his provisional patent.
Ronald L. Mallett and the diagram for the basis of his provisional patent.
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STORRS, Conn. - July 11, 2019 - PRLog -- "This is truly brilliant," an anonymous legal source comments on Marshall's latest attack in his all out war against UConn's Ronald L. Mallett. "I heard Marshall was a genius, but now he's truly at Alexander the Great levels. This is tantamount to when Alexander cut the Gordian knot!"

First reported by Front Line Magazine, November 19, 2017, Marshall Barnes, the internationally followed R&D engineer and explorer of the scientific possibilities of time travel, has taken Ronald Mallett's expired provisional patent and is designing time travel related alternative devices. According to Marshall, although first reported that there will not be a time machine design in and of itself, but instead items that will be used to test a variety of related concepts within a contained environment, critical components of time machine designs have been identified therein. Marshall's declaring he has found inherent value in the basic idea of Mallett's which escaped the UConn professor's awareness completely because Mallett wasn't familiar with the work of Rainer Plaga on parallel universes or celebrated engineer Gabriel Kron's work on the shared topological relevance of machines. Therefore, Marshall is taking that value and protecting it through trade secrecy law, thereby denying Mallett or anyone else, use of it.

Marshall is essentially using the tactic of seizure of intellectual property to gain "relief" in legal terms, to enforce a judgement - his own, an action desrcibed by attorney Gil Zvulony as "an attempt to depart from the common law and to make intangible property exigible."

"The Execution Act represents an attempt to depart from the common law and to make intangible property exigible.  Section 17 specifically makes patents exigible.  Section 19(2) makes choses in action exigible," writes Gil Zvulony in his blog entry,

"To understand what Marshall has done, and the brilliance behind it," says the anonymous legal source, "you must know that when Mallett broke his verbal agreement with Marshall, he was counting on Marshall not figuring out what he was doing and that the statute of limitations in Connecticut would run out, which it did. There is an extension to the time period - if knowledge of the defaulting on the agreement isn't known right away but after talking to a number of attorneys, Marshall decided to take the step of defaming Mallett with impunity, since all of the acts of defamation would be in effect, prosecuting his case against Mallett and taking his judgement outside the court room. If Mallett sues, he'll be destroyed when he's forced to testify under oath on the stand and when Marshall presents his own evidence, much of it coming from Mallett's own mouth, writings and reported statements. Every statement that Marshall is making now is the truth and supported by hard, irrefutable evidence ready for any court room hearing, and Mallett knows this because he knows that Marshall used to be a special investigator because he had Marshall do a pro bono job for him once. The fact that the Florida office of the State Attorney General found much of the same evidence compelling enough to forward to the Federal Trade Commission - as it related to the World Patent Marketing case, should give any doubters or believers in Mallett's hype, pause because this is not a conflict between personalities or theories, but between lies and the truth - between right and wrong. In as far as that is concerned, it is clearly Marshall Barnes that is in the right and he proves it under every condition," stated the legal source.

But that is just phase one - the basic, overall strategy of Marshall's war against the famed professor.

In Canada, Section 17 of the Execution Act deems "all rights under letters patent of invention to be personal property and may be seized and sold under execution as other personal property". Although this matter doesn't come under Canadian law, and Marshall isn't actually seizing the patent itself, since there is no patent for anything Mallett has done that is still enforce. What Marshall's doing, after careful analysis and experiment, is claiming to seize from the provisional patent filing, valuable information from the design described therein, which didn't exist prior to the provisional filing, and was never clearly identified in the filing. It's a kin to finding a chest for a few dollars at a garage sale, and upon opening it, discovering there are items in it worth the value of the entire house and then buying it. Buying the chest means getting the "everything" inside, as well. Marshall's action essentially takes that value from Mallett's work and mocks him with it. Like holding it up and saying, "Oh look what I found! You would've realized it was there if you were really as smart as you claim to be, but that's right - YOU'RE NOT!"

Because the expired provisional patent filing of Mallett is no longer protected and open for anyone's use, Marshall is saying that he has analyzed the filing and has identified valuable information not realized by Mallett, and is "seizing" that information for himself to satisfy, in part, the defrauding that Mallett did to him. It doesn't matter that he's not in Canada, and it doesn't matter that he's not doing this through a court. It's an action that, on its face, is allowed by U.S. Patent Law! However, to complete the seizure, i.e. taking posession of this information, Marshall will then use U.S. Trade Secrecy Law to protect his find from anyone else - Mallett or otherwise, denying them the ability to use that information. In that manner, the information, although from within a provisional patent filing that was once protected, has been seized from that filing and is now within the exclusive possession of Marshall and can be blocked fom Ronald Mallett, forever.

"I offered to help Ronald Mallett out of the kindness of my heart," Marshall says "by giving him a chance to complete his work and live up to the hype he had been getting. I mean, on it's face, the claims that he had the world's first time machine were BS because he hadn't built or tested anything yet. He hadn't even done the feasibility tests. That means that claims by the news media that he had invented such a device were as 'fake news' as you can get and that was before that term had even been invented by Trump.

"So what did Mallett do? Complete his work? No. It was all a lie. He quit doing any research and the proof is he just kept repeating the same ideas and information he was talking about back in 2007. He's not written a single paper of original information on time travel science or physics, in his entire career! Not one. You can check his web site. He is a total and complete fraud when it comes to that."

Clark Bannon, a long time friend of Marshall, points out that Mallett, although he has talked about filing and obtaining the provisional patent, which is mentioned in detail in Mallett's memoir, Time Traveler, omits the fact that he never filed for or received the full patent. Mallett has just allowed people to believe that he has a full patent. It's just another example of why Marshall is so adamant that Mallett's reputation must be destroyed to prevent him from defrauding well heeled investors - billionaire types, that Mallett is sure to target, and was trained to by World Patent Marketing CEO, Scott J. Cooper, with whom Mallett had a partnership until the FTC shut World Patent Marketing down in 2017, for fraud, embezzlement, misrepresentation and more.

"It's part of what's clearly a pattern of corrupt behavior on the part of Mallett," Bannon states. "Just more proof of what Marshall has been saying. That, and the fact that clearly the man is not even close to being a time travel expert. How can he be? He hasn't ever written a paper on any of it! I checked his technical papers page on his UConn web sit at . There were just papers he wrote about his idea concerning how his machine would work - which are wrong! I couldn't believe it. There's no evidence of any brilliance at all!"

Marshall says that he will release an example of what he has been able to do with Mallett's design to prove his point. It will not be the exact solution that he has seized, but a "proof of concept" - a significant enough portion to prove his point - that Mallett is not a time travel scientist and doesn't possess the "aptitude" to even be allowed in any serious discussion, regarding time machine design.

"He's already done it. I've seen some of the stills from the video," Bannon says. "All you have to do is compare it with what Mallett proposed and it is crystal clear who the real genius is and who is actually on track to make human time travel possible."

"This is where Marshall guts Mallett's 'time travel scientist' rep, like a pig", Bannon laughs, "and twists the dagger to really make it hurt. I think it proves conclusively, three things," Bannon added, whimsically. "The media has made Ronald Mallett into some kind of 2nd Einstein because they don't understand the correct concepts of time travel, but I'll tell you what. Marshall Barnes is a lot smarter than Ronald Mallett. Marshall Barnes is a lot smarter than Ronald Mallett ever imagined, and Marshall Barnes is far smarter than Ronald Mallett will ever be."

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