LiquidityEdge collaborates with QuasarDB to create data analytics service

By: QuasarDB
NEW YORK - May 29, 2019 - PRLog -- Electronic US Treasuries (UST) trading venue LiquidityEdge has announced its plan to launch a data analytics service, leveraging a managed solution from QuasarDB.

By giving customers insight into pricing, order flow, and transaction cost, the database will play an important role in LiquidityEdge's mission to structure and modernize trading in both on- and off-the-run Treasury instruments.

Since launching in 2015, LiquidityEdge has rapidly grown its UST market share as it provides a bespoke trading ecosystem that connects a diverse and continually growing community of over 100 institutions including primary dealers, regional dealers, professional trading groups and buy-side clients.

Andy Bria, COO of LiquidityEdge, commented: "Data is at the heart of our business, and we need to be sure that our analytics service is rock-solid and very fast. QuasarDB exceeded all our requirements, and the fully managed offering protects our resources from additional strain as we focus on building the best experience for our participants."

QuasarDB was designed to combine unlimited storage of large datasets in real-time, in addition to in-memory capabilities. In one system, QuasarDB is able to make data ranging from 20 years to 1 day ago immediately transparent and available. With its distribution and compression algorithms, QuasarDB can ingest billions of points per second while keeping a very low disk and memory footprint.

"LiquidityEdge is a great use case for our time series database," said Edouard Alligand, CEO of QuasarDB.  "They need speed to produce near-instantaneous analytics, and they also need a system that is elastic to grow with them.  We're able to meet their performance requirements with the current volumes and provide confidence that the system will scale as needed without sacrificing speed or requiring massive infrastructure investment."

About LiquidityEdge
Launched in 2015, LiquidityEdge is an SEC-registered Broker Dealer and member of FINRA. It offers bespoke trading access to a broad range of liquidity providers with a choice of execution and trading models.

Clients can choose between one-to-one or many-to-many models, facilitating a combination of anonymous and/or disclosed streaming executable prices to create a personalised order book for each participant.

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About QuasarDB
Born in market finance, QuasarDB is an advanced database that solves large numerical data problems as fast as possible. QuasarDB makes choosing between speed and scale a thing of the past. QuasarDB delivers the best database technology to its customers, based on its unique IP backed by ten years of R&D.

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