3C Consulting Founder and CEO, Nic Easley Joins Americans for Safe Access (ASA) 2019 Board of Directors

2019 ASA Board of Directors - Photo courtesy of ASA
2019 ASA Board of Directors - Photo courtesy of ASA
WASHINGTON - May 2, 2019 - PRLog -- 3C Consulting, LLC™, and Multiverse Capital™ CEO, and Managing Director Nic Easley has officially joined the newly formed Board of Directors for Americans for Safe Access (ASA). The board's President, Steph Sherer, founded ASA in 2002 with the goal of expanding legal access for medical patients. ASA has been instrumental in passing medical cannabis laws and improving medical cannabis regulations in nearly every U.S. state and territory. Over the years they've held thousands of meetings with lawmakers, representing the voices of medical cannabis patients everywhere. Among one of their central goals is to ensure that medical patients are not forgotten amidst the industry's rapidly changing landscape. ASA has taken concrete action to this end by presenting model legislation to reduce fatal opioid overdoses and using the Information Quality Act and Freedom of Information to force the DEA to remove false information about Cannabis from their website. Outside of the U.S., ASA has also participated in meetings with the United Nations to aid the efforts of global cannabis rescheduling.

Today there are over 100,000 active members in all 50 states and territories making it the largest national organization of patients, medical cannabis providers, medical professionals, industry professionals, scientists, and concerned citizens. Their Patient Focused Certification (PFC) assessment and training program has been one of ASA's most influential accomplishments for the industry, providing regulators, healthcare providers and companies with the educational tools they need to identify quality cannabis products and services. ASA's PFC standards, co-developed with the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), serve as the benchmark for nearly half of the medical cannabis programs in the U.S., establishing the organization as a true leader for quality assurance in the industry.

As a disabled Air Force Veteran that used medical cannabis to heal, Nic Easley is especially dedicated to providing safe access to patients around the globe utilizing the most environmental and socially responsible means. He notes, "I am truly honored to be working alongside such accomplished and inspired professionals, and I admire the genuine approach that Steph has taken towards bringing quality standards to this industry. I look forward to witnessing and participating in the life-changing legislation that this board will no doubt bring into action in this and coming years."

ASA's new board kicked things off at its first in-person meeting last month during ASA's National Medical Cannabis Unity conference in Washington, DC. This year, members will focus on making and implementing legislative change on the federal level, aiming to expand medical cannabis programs and research. The new board comprises passionate business executives, consultants, patients, and doctors with diverse professional experience both inside and outside the industry.

While 33 U.S. states, four territories, and Washington D.C. have legalized some form of medical cannabis, there are still many patients across the U.S. without legal access. Education and advocacy are essential to the expansion of medical cannabis programs around the world and ASA's new Board of Directors are devoted to this cause. States and countries looking to legalize medical cannabis need solid examples of how well-regulated programs impact public health, employment, and economies. 3C has seen first-hand how markets with sound regulatory structures, well-informed doctors and patients, and active cannabis research programs are paving the way for broader legalization. We are inspired by ASA's determination to implement and improve medical cannabis programs across the United States, and we are excited to see the leadership of the new Board of Directors in action.

3C Consulting, LLC is the leading strategic consulting firm in the global cannabis industry. We have traveled to 30 Countries while guiding over 300 cannabis companies. 3C assists in the creation of business plans, securing compliant real estate, developing financial models, designing facilities, forming global partnerships, and applying for cannabis business licenses. Our mission is to set the highest standards and create the best practices for leading, sustainable and responsible cannabis businesses. That's why we also specialize in writing and implementing SOPs in adherence to local, national, and international standards such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

Multiverse Capital™ provides the most experienced team in the global cannabis venture space. Managing Directors Nic Easley and Skip Sanzeri have worked on over 300 cannabis projects in 13 countries and 30 U.S. states and continue to operationally assist 20-40 new companies per quarter via 3C Consulting, LLC™, the leading global cannabis consulting firm. This experience is fundamental for our Limited Partners since we have deep, hands-on experience in all sectors and regions of the global cannabis industry. Our domestic and international funds are divided into ancillary, medicinal, and recreational cannabis sectors in order to provide diversity for our Limited Partners via plant-touching or ancillary investment opportunities. We compartmentalized each fund to reflect the structure of cannabis regulations around the world, thus helping to manage fund risk.


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