Advanced Engine for Biogas Renewable Energy Generation

Freedom Motors, Inc. is a United States of America based Corporation that was incorporated in 1997 in the state of Nevada. Freedom Motors is headquartered in Dixon, California and has many international and US patents in rotary engine technology and aerial vehicles (manned and unmanned). Freedom Motors designs and develops advanced rotary engines for a variety of applications. Freedom Motors has spent up to $65 Million USD in development of this technology which is now ready for commercial use.
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530cc Rotapower Engine
530cc Rotapower Engine
DIXON, Calif. - April 25, 2019 - PRLog -- Freedom Motors announces its Rotapower® engine that can use contaminated biogas to generate electricity. Biogas is a major source of man-made methane emissions which now appear to be driving climate change.

Most of the methane increase comes from biogas generated from man-made sources such as landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and animal manure. Ideally this biogas would be used in an engine to produce electricity. However, if the methane content is too low or the hydrogen sulfide or silica contaminants are too high, the biogas may not be usable in a piston or microturbine engine and is instead flared or released to the atmosphere.

The Rotapower® rotary engine is resistant to hydrogen sulfide and silica, the primary contaminants in biogas. It can operate on biogas with a lower methane content than its piston engine counterpart or at a fraction of the cost of a microturbine. It is uniquely able to generate electricity from highly contaminated biogas.

In addition to biogas energy generation, Rotapower® rotary engine has many more applications in ground and airborne transportation.

Rotapower® rotary engine can run on a variety of fuels including fossil fuels.

Freedom Motors is offering investment opportunities and reaching out to potential capital investment firms, private investors and industry partners to bring this groundbreaking solution to the world market. The funds necessary to meet the Company's goal of producing 130,000 engines per year by year five is determined to be $10 million USD. Additionally, the Company is offering to sell preferred shares to foreign investors at minimum investment of $1 Million USD, who have an interest in acquiring a green card through the EB-5 program.  These preferred shares will provide a guaranteed yearly dividend and are convertible to common shares after a specified period.

Upon meeting the Company's financial projections based on its very modest sales goal, the annual compound rate of return (ROI) at $2.87 per share price would be 54% (p/e=20).  This ROI would result in a 9.2-fold investment appreciation by the end of the fifth year of production.

Note: While the Company is not presently authorized to sell shares in the public market, a modest number of shares from a liquidating partnership are available at a significant discount from the Company's recent public sales at $1.50 per share.

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