HireFaster Boosts Revenues Per Employee By Slashing Onboarding Times

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HireFaster Raps: Jobs | HR | Recruiting | Tech | Security
HireFaster Raps: Jobs | HR | Recruiting | Tech | Security
LONDON - April 22, 2019 - PRLog -- HireFaster launches the first portal, and provides an institutional quality platform, to provide 5-years real-time reference checks and onboarding.

Revenues Per Employee (RPE)

A hidden cost of recruiting is lost revenues from prolonged onboarding, which lowers RPE. Although sector-dependent, it can reach USD millions.

There are two base cases:
  1. An employee is replaced by a similar calibre candidate. The standard costs of attrition apply, plus a reduction in RPE due to handovers and the replacement being fully functional
  2. New projects and expansions, or when mission-critical projects are delayed due to onboarding
Each day spent onboarding lowers RPE for Corporates, while the MSP, RPO and Staffing Agency perspective is delayed/lost revenues from their contractors or permanent hires being idle.

The status quo needs changing.

HireFaster: Background

Founder & CEO: Sara Statman, spent over 20 years in Financial Services (front office, analytics, risk, governance and regulatory compliance), which are known to have stringent onboarding criteria. It was during her time contracting that she noticed several key pre-employment screening issues:
  1. Recruiters ask sensitive data (proof of ID/Address) to be sent in plain text e-mail and e-mail the same sensitive data to referees, leaving data subject to cyber attack
  2. Candidates may face weeks unpaid waiting for pre-employment onboarding to complete
  3. Candidates repeat forms for each supplier in the chain (Recruiter, Consultancy, End-Client), leading to poor engagement
HireFaster: Key Features
  • 5-Years Real-time Reference Checking & Onboarding Documents
  • Company E-mail Check & Fraud Risk Mitigation
  • Key-Based Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA) & Sensitive Data Encryption
  • Strict Permissions, Access Controls & Governance
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Integration is Optional and Not Required
  • Full Audit Trail & Management Reports Per Location and "End Client"
  • Each user has instant access to View/Update/Delete data
  • No data is shared without the user's consent
HireFaster: Key Benefits
  • Accelerated Recruitment and Significantly Lower Costs Per Hire
  • Superior Authentication, Access Controls, Permissions & Risk Governance
  • Mitigated Fraud Risks
  • Heightened Data Privacy
  • A secure cloud solution to exchange sensitive information
HireFaster on YouTube

To help spread the message HireFaster has developed a unique YouTube Channel, which raps about Tech, Security, Jobs and Reference Checks, combining entertainment with education.

HireFaster Achievements & Reviews

Pre-launch HireFaster earned "Newcomer of the Year 2019 Award" from OnRec, a leading recruitment resource and from FinancesOnline, a reputed technology review platform: Premium Useability and Rising Star Awards. FinancesOnline awarded a review score of 8/10, ranked HireFaster in the Top20 Talent Management Software and added "HireFaster, by accelerating reference checks, lowers the cost per hire, improves the organization's income and increases ROI."

Pol Galido, who runs a leading Technology Blog stated: "HireFaster speeds up onboarding and makes it easier for IT Contractors, Consultants and Employees to offer employers validated credibility, in a secure environment."


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