Florida Family Mediator Matthew Brickman Explains the Online Dispute Resolution Method

Online Dispute Resolution or ODR is a relatively new, modernized method of resolving disputes online fairly and efficiently. Matthew Brickman of iMediate Inc., a leader in online mediation, explains how ODR has become a new option for mediation.
By: iMediate Inc
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JUPITER, Fla. - Jan. 31, 2019 - PRLog -- Online Dispute Resolution or ODR is a process that many people might associate with a platform such as eBay for online transactions, however ODR has become the next wave of methods to efficiently mediate matters of divorce, child support, alimony, paternity, time sharing, child custody disputes, foreclosure and even contract disputes expeditiously.

iChatMediation.com is the website through which Matthew Brickman of iMediate Inc. services the state of Florida for the mediation and resolution of family and legal matters. Many of Mr. Brickman's clients now find ODR much more convenient and cost efficient than traveling to mediate in-person.

Using Cisco's WebEx communication platform, live resolution is performed via iChat in a video conference where Matthew controls how many parties attend and which parties can directly see and communicate with whom.

More of the Online Dispute Resolution process is explained in this video:

As Matthew Brickman of iMediate Inc. explains, through the brand iChatMediation.com he utilizes online dispute resolution to bring the parties in any mediation, arbitration, and negotiation into a virtual environment via iChat using a customized Cisco's WebEx communication platform proprietary to the company.

The advantages are clear:
1. Cost – ODR is often less expensive than traditional litigation/legal process.
2. Efficiency – ODR can resolve a dispute much faster than waiting for court dates.
3. Participation and Control – The parties using Online Dispute Resolution have more control of the outcome of the dispute than they would in court.
4. Flexibility – The parties using Online Dispute Resolution can work together for a more flexible outcome.
5. Location and Logistics – Since the environment is virtual, Online Dispute Resolution allows parties to settle their dispute from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

About Matthew Brickman:

Matthew Brickman has been certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a county civil family mediator who has worked in the 15th and 19th Judicial Circuit Courts since 2009 and 2006 respectively. He is also an appellate certified mediator who has mediated a variety of small claims, civil, and family cases that number in the hundreds. Read his Customer Reviews.

If you are a law firm and wish to schedule your mediation you can use this form to schedule your mediation online: Law Firm Scheduler

If you are an individual and wish to schedule your mediation you can use this form to schedule your mediation online: Individual Mediation Scheduler

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