IntellyDoc Announces The Launch Of Its Platform That Transforms The Manual Contract Process To Automated Efficiency

IntellyDoc is a legal tech startup that helps corporate legal departments and law firms decrease the time legal and contract professionals spend on manual contractual tasks by automating the contract management process using machine learning.
By: IntellyDoc
IntellyDoc Logo
IntellyDoc Logo
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Jan. 3, 2019 - PRLog -- IntellyDoc today announces the launch of its new platform to optimize the contract management process creating organizational efficiencies. IntellyDoc works with corporate legal departments and law firms to help them save time, and increase productivity and efficiency by automating the manual, tedious, and expensive process of contract management. Operational, Human Resources, and Procurement teams can also benefit from the platform.

IntellyDoc is an end-to-end, cloud-based contract management solution that streamlines the contract management lifecycle process using machine learning. This secure platform features document creation and editing, custom workflows, collaboration, version control, electronic signatures, and contract analytics and reporting. IntellyDoc also offers integrations with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Salesforce, DropBox, DocuSign, Clio, LawPay, Slack, and many others. IntellyDoc's objective is for its users to never have to leave the platform to manage their agreements.

Legal and contract professionals spend over 85% of their time on routine, manual tasks. Charlotte business attorney and IntellyDoc founder Bobby Robinson noticed that he and his colleagues were spending far too much time manually drafting, editing, and reviewing contracts on behalf of their clients, while simultaneously trying to be responsive to their needs. He sought a way to optimize his time and increase productivity. This led him on the path of creating IntellyDoc.

"We're excited to advance the future of work for legal and contract professionals. IntellyDoc wants to make it easier for companies to eliminate routine tasks that waste time and resources, allowing legal departments and firms to dedicate more energy and focus on business-critical challenges and big picture projects,"  says Robinson.

The legal analytics market is expected to reach nearly $2B by 2022, while the Global Enterprise Contract Management Market is expected to exceed $3B by 2021. These markets are experiencing double-digit growth and IntellyDoc seeks to be at the forefront of that growth.

While there are other contract lifecycle platforms in the market, many of them are industry agnostic and only tackle a portion of the contract management process. This requires customers to toggle between several solutions to effectively manage their agreements. IntellyDoc is a comprehensive and intuitive platform that automates the entire contract management process - in one simple solution and provides insight into users' contractual repository to ensure compliance and risk mitigation. This is especially important for corporate legal departments, procurement, and operational teams.

Reviews have been positive from IntellyDoc's first customers using version 1.0 of the platform. One company stated: "IntellyDoc has optimized our transactional process." Another mentioned, "IntellyDoc is not too cost-prohibitive and suitable even for a solo practice."

"We want to provide a scalable platform to ensure that not only can companies and law firm's improve productivity and efficiency as they grow and expand, but that they also remain competitive and innovative along the way. Thanks to our unique offering, we hope that IntellyDoc will become a market leader in an evolving space where legal professionals are starting to pay more attention to contract automation than ever before," said Robinson.

IntellyDoc is an automated contract lifecycle management platform that is on a mission to help legal departments and law firms solve the problem of how they manage their agreements. The platform includes productivity integrations to optimize and increase efficiency between the legal department, procurement, and operations. IntellyDoc easily solves every lawyer and contract professional's greatest problem - time management. For more information, please email or visit:

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