A theory of Math. DNA of numbers and the way our mind thinks

A theory of Math: Numbers have DNA , and it is how our mind thinks.
By: alberto curiel
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NEW YORK - Dec. 26, 2018 - PRLog -- A theory of Math:
DNA of numbers and the way our mind thinks.

I try to explain this in the most easy way to be understood by anyone, as youYou never heard of this before, about what are Maths and numbers.
This changes all you know about Mathematics,and the way we learn, and how stucture, our logic of thinking, and the knowledge itself:


All what we are able to know, all what we able to think, all what we are able to conceive, to calculate, or do maths on it is already in a frame that models our frame of thinking, our way of knowing, and it is already a programming and we are immerse in it.

If you use mathematics with any numbers, in any base, in any symbol,or in your language, you are already modeled by a programming that are the Mathematics.

Nine points

First: There is no zero dimension in Mathematics.

Second: Numbers already have at least three things: a DNA, a space, and a programming.

Third: Numbers are immerse in a universe with space, and can be decoded in their position in that space.

Prime numbers, the building blocks of Maths, are prime numbers because there is no other way possible of it for them.  Prime numbers are predetermined by the rules built in Math in that space, and not of what we traditionally have thought of their divisibility among other numbers.

In the same way, factors, or operations of prime numers, or any other number, is predetermined by the rules built in math in that space and included in its DNA.

Numbers have DNA
Fourth: Any number has TOO much information.
To be easy understood, think that any number has its own DNA that determines them.

Fifth: If you change the symbols, the names, the numbers, the logic, the space remains. The outputs are constantly redirecting to the same output.

Sixth: The change in the space is fixed, limited, predictable.

Seventh: By knowing the space, you know the outputs and inputs.
This means that the factors or a prime number can be calculated  by only knowing their position.
This also means, that the DNA of any number it is given by the same number and space.

Any number used in Maths is too much information. (even if it represented as letter, symbols, numeric expression, functions, in any cryptographic system humanity could create). Because all numbers are and can be decoded via the inherent space in Maths, without needing the man's made decoding system.

Think that you can arrive to the moon from any star in the universes.

Rules of Maths
Eigth: Maths and Numbers could have been built on other rules.

In this time-space we are modeled by this rules that we divise them as maths. Our mind, language, and way of thinking is modeled by this rules, which limit our comprehension to see the sparks of another way of thinking.

Nineth: We are the observed part of the programmer. Maths is the program. Numbers are the data that shows and proofs that it is a program. We, as part of this observable universe, are determined by this programming that we call Maths and numbers.

This nine points are important because the way we think, how we learn, and how we stucture, our logic of thinking, rasoning, the visible universe, and what we call numbers and Mathematics are built on this.

source: https://alberto.mobirisesite.com

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