Terry Sacka Talks Whether US Is In Inflation, Deflation or Stagflation

Front facing statistics are showing unprecedented growth in the United States economy however China's building of the Silk Road trade route is having an unforeseen effect on the American dollar.
By: Cornerstone Asset Metals
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Cornerstone Asset Metals - Precious Metals Investi
Cornerstone Asset Metals - Precious Metals Investi
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Nov. 30, 2018 - PRLog -- On a recent episode of the Wealth Transfer show, host Terry Sacka, AAMS addressed the issue in that investors are not sure if they are in an inflationary, deflationary or stagflationary world. Inflation being the steady increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money while deflation represents a decrease in the general price level of goods and services. Finally, stagflation representing persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment  and  a stagnant demand in a country's economy.

There is data published that may or may not represent any, either or all of these in play. His full comments can be seen in the video below:

He went on to say, "The problem is with this aggressive money printing the manipulation to the numbers are what consumers see as a rosy picture being painted but the real data shows otherwise." Mr. Sacka displayed various charts with data to support this claim. The Wealth Transfer is a financial educational television program rising quickly in popularity as it offers information to the consumer on how to protect and preserve their hard earned wealth as they move forward very quickly into the future economy.

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