Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng Designs New Security Modality For Breakthrough Fintech System

In a surprise move for many, internationally noted advanced concept science and technology engineer, Marshall Barnes has successfully designed a new approach to security solutions for equally new fintech for financial asset transfer by Chainosys.
The official logo of Marshall Barnes' Technologies of Infinity, copyright 2018
The official logo of Marshall Barnes' Technologies of Infinity, copyright 2018
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Yellow Springs - Ohio - US


YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - Oct. 31, 2018 - PRLog -- Beginning in June of this year, Marshall Barnes, internationally known research and development engineer and founder of the super start-up, Technologies of Infinity™, signed on to assist Derrick Hodge of Chainosys in the development of a new kind of secure technological means of financial asset transfer. Exact details are a trade secret with each party signing two separate types of NDA agreements. The net result, however, is Hodge, who's been aware of Marshall's work in advanced concept science and technology, was able to take advantage of Marshall's skills in conceptual theory to achieve solutions beyond the thinking of typical computer science programmers and engineers - due to something Marshall identifies as, "digitalcentrism".

"Digitalcentrism is where the person suffering from it only views problems through the rubick of computer/digital culture. It's why you have cars that were/are hackable via the internet, etc. Anyone without digitalcentrism, that cares about auto security, would never think about having the control of the car being accessible in any way, shape or form, from outside the vehicle. That is just obviously a very stupid, stupid idea, but just like a woman with anorexia nervosa, who can't see she's skin and bones when she looks in the mirror, digitalcentrists can't see or think beyond computer-tech orientations."

Hodge's task for Marshall was to invent doable security solutions that would defeat the efforts of typical hackers and other security threats, who are digitalcentristic. By applying conceptual solutions beyond their intellectual skill set, the security of Hodge's financial asset transfer system, is radically amplified.

"It makes blockchain look primitive. It's like translating a secure document into a language that doesn't exist except in another dimension that no one's ever been to, and you have to be there to translate it back to its original form which is then still secure the usual way. Good luck with that!", Marshall laughs.

The non-disclosure agreements signed mean neither Hodge or Marshall can even talk with anyone about how the actual concept works, let alone how it would be assembled. It's akin to just saying you've built a new military aircraft that flies faster than anything else and doesn't resemble any other, and that's it. Identification of it is impossible - as well as any kind of replication of its capabilities.

Marshall sees this as another opportunity to showcase his considerable creative abilities that have allowed him to out do experts in a variety of fields without the formal training they have received, for which he was recognized by Innovation Excellence at the 2014 IX Innovation Cities Tour event in Boston.

"That's why I was interested in using Marshall", Hodge states. "I'd been following his writings and work online, and there's no doubt, the man's a genius".

Marshall plans on applying his considerable talents throughout the various divisions of Technologies of Infinity™ and to a broad spectrum of markets of various fields, challenging the status quo whenever it impedes his progress.

"Although I've been known for my work in aerospace and the practical application of the extreme implications of quantum mechanics - and even temporal mechanics, people have not realized, nor figured out, I can almost apply my creative and innovation talents to anything, and that makes me the innovation expert I am. Unlike most of the professionals claiming such expertise, I actually do it for real! I don't just talk about it. Technologies of Infinity™ is all about that. We'll be updating the website,, soon with a blogging section for updates, but for now, it's just been too busy, because we've been actually doing things beyond the cutting edge this summer and early fall, and haven't had the time to promote it, like To The Stars Academy does all the time".

"Last year." Marshall continued,  "I identified the path we'd have to take to become a unicorn company in less than 3 years. We're on that path now. I talked with the founder of a VC company last year and sent in an application to pitch to them. That was when I was looking for seed money. Never heard back. I raised that seed money anyway, from people who were seeing what I was doing in temporal mechanics, this past spring. Now, I've started to talk with the people in California who will be integral in making the connections that we'll need for our final round."

"However, that VC founder from last year, need not approach me now," Marshall added wryly, with a laugh. "He failed the test. Curiosity is the first sign of intelligence and I refuse now to work with people who don't show at least that level of intelligence. I won't do it. They're just beneath me. Period. I don't have the time to waste."

"Besides, on their application to pitch, it asked if I was raising capital. I said 'Yes. I need $10,000 and you should really jump on now because I'm going to get these funds one way or another and do this.' Well, I got $12,000 this year without 'em and I'm a year ahead of our R&D schedule and just a few weeks behind starting the process to get our final round - which will enable us to start performing on track to become a unicorn and be valued at $1B. I don't need him now. It'd be a waste of time to even talk with him. He obviously wouldn't understand anything about what I'm doing or this business, and wasn't smart enough to follow-up last year. It's his loss now..."

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