Blockchain developers: US, India and Malta lead in numbers (Dappros report)

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Blockchain Developers Worldwide
Blockchain Developers Worldwide
LONDON - Oct. 25, 2018 - PRLog -- Software developers market analysis has been carried out by Dappros a blockchain consulting firm. Social networking and job website postings have been analysed for Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Bitcoin and Hyperledger developer profiles.

According to its findings the following countries lead in absolute numbers of blockchain developers.

Top 10 countries by absolute number of blockchain developers
1. United States
2. India
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. France
6. Germany
7. Netherlands
8. Australia
9. Spain
10. Brazil

The relative saturation of blockchain developers per country has also been analysed with a different set of countries taking leading positions in the ranking.

Top 10 countries by relative number of blockchain developers (% of population)
1. Malta
2. Luxembourg
3. Singapore
4. Switzerland
5. Netherlands
6. Cyprus
7. Slovenia
8. Ireland
9. Estonia
10. Canada

Full data and detailed report available here The report provides further insights including full global ranking as well as heatmaps for world, Europe and Asia.

Dappros is committed to continue providing accurate market research in relation to decentralized economy and blockchain technology.


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