AI Based Automated Video Creation Gets Possible: Featuring at Web Summit

- Renderforest implements AI and Machine Learning algorithms to automate video production and convert texts into animations.

- AI based automated video maker will generate a video by "understanding" the customer needs from a simple script in just 3 seconds.

- Branded videos prove to have a significant influence on sales generation by making it personalized.
By: Renderforest
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LISBON, Portugal - Oct. 23, 2018 - PRLog -- Renderforest, a web application aiming to automate video and animation production, has officially announced the launch of yet another new feature that focuses on video content generation based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The new functionality of the video editor will be presented at the Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal on the 5-9th of November.

Already a year the company has been working to simplify video production eventually achieving to adopt AI and machine learning to help people create quality videos faster and more easily.

Users just paste a script or upload a text file to the platform directly in the web. Here's when Renderforest's algorithms instantly start their work, identifying the main topics and keywords, and then, based on that script, matching video elements and graphics that would best tell the story. To make the video even more attractive, the feature in near future is also expected to contain a stock of photos that will automatically be selected according to the scenario the user scripts.

In addition to the main performance of AI application, the platform will also integrate the recommendation engine which helps to create even better videos since each user will be suggested a unique individualized content.

To put it simply, its neural networks that can "think" of the new details and generate fresh video content the way a human would. Unlike before, when a user was to select the desired scenes in the library, sort them inside the tool and then render a video, then now Renderforest provides the opportunity to insert the script and the platform's AI will automatically develop it for you in just 3 seconds.

This will create new ways for their customers to better engage with their audiences by personalizing customer journey and building unique experiences. According to Business Insider, video will represent 82% of all IP traffic in 2021. A video review is now much more relevant than a thousand word descriptions. People trust in what they see visualized which brings up the perception of reality and trustworthiness toward the product featured.

"We're happy to introduce Machine Learning implementation in our video editor to simplify the video creation process and save huge amount of time of our users. Now Machine Learning and AI principles allow us to use sophisticated algorithms to convert written into visual." - said Narek Safaryan, the founding CEO of Renderforest. "This is a revolutionary accomplishment in online video production. We are stepping into the future of Video Marketing"

The ability of automating video creation through Artificial Intelligence means that the content will only dramatically increase while also cutting down the required time, the human resources, not to mention the price. Who wouldn't prefer a professional looking and low-price video advertisement over a multi-thousand-dollar commercial? (The answer is obvious.)

Within the time the system will learn the changes and preferences made by every new device while evolving itself. The first 3 templates, including this innovation, are Explainer Video Toolkit, Whiteboard Animation Toolkit and Explainer World Toolkit.

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