This Photo App Made Typhoon Trami Go Viral On Twitter

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Typhoon Trami Plotagraph by Ben Pickering
Typhoon Trami Plotagraph by Ben Pickering
MAUI, Hawaii - Oct. 8, 2018 - PRLog -- As Typhoon Trami traveled across western Japan over the last few days, a Plotagraph started going viral on Twitter. The posted image shows the gargantuan eye of the storm twisting and turning in an infinite loop. "As if somebody pulled the planet's gigantic plug" tweeted astronaut, Alexander Gerst, who captured the scene from the International Space Station orbiting Earth. Ben Pickering, PhD student at the University of Leeds, took Gerst's captured photo and turned it into a spine-chilling Plotagraph, also supporting the typhoon news on PolskieRadio. Team Plotaverse is hoping that Ben's and Alexander's powerful visuals will raise global awareness, and trigger relief efforts for the people in Japan. "Be safe down there!" Alexander added to this post.

Before and after video of Typhoon Trami, Plotagraph vs. photograph

Within hours, Ben's looping video of the typhoon created a viral storm of its own on Twitter. Somehow Ben had managed to bring Gerst's photograph of Trami back to life. In his tweet, Ben reveals that he used the photo app, Plotavese, to create this baffling looping effect. It seems surreal however to think that a still photograph could appear as though Ben took a video of the storm from the space station. This is not the first time Plotaverse has stunned viewers with its unique photo animation effects. Last year, a viral cyclone Plotagraph bewildered millions of people around the world, reported by Indian Express. In June, MarketWatch caught wind of the media frenzy and listed the app suite for desktop, as one of this year's best animation Product Innovations. The team behind Facebook also fell in love with Plotaverse, adding it to their top 5 list of recommended photo apps.

News anchors, celebrities, and influencers have shown a new found passion for getting creative with the 600+ motion effects in the Plotaverse app. Gary Vaynerchuck, for instance, released his new line of sneakers with colorful Plotagraphs, packed with looping natural forces. A spinning tornado and smoldering volcano have drawn attention to his K-Swiss footwear on Facebook and Instagram. Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, GoPro, Joe Rogan and millions of artists have caused a stir with hypnotizing Plotagraph animations. A Plotagraph is created by taking one still photo, masking the static areas, and adding animation arrows where the photo should move. A spectacular feed of Plotagraphs can be found on their very own Plotaverse sharing platform. The life like movements of Plotagraphs have drawn massive attention to global media news and social media stories. The team at Plotaverse hopes for Ben's viral Plotagraph on Twitter and PolskieRadio to initiate the necessary wake up call for relief efforts following the aftermath of typhoon Kong-rey. To find out more about Plotaverse or view story telling Plotagraphs, visit


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