Guy Lozier's book The 7th Sense shifts reality for the reader

Because of the 5th Interview on the Wingmaker's site, everything about our reality shifted from the perspective of Guy Lozier...while the previous information led him there and supports that position he finds himself in now...
The 7th Sense Book
The 7th Sense Book
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The 7th Sense
Guy Lozier


Tulsa - Oklahoma - US

TULSA, Okla. - Sept. 26, 2018 - PRLog -- Every time we interview Guy Lozier we find out more and more about his inner most thoughts and desires.  Here is our latest question to Guy and his response.

Guy, can you explain what happened when the 5th interview came out on the Wingmaker's site as  you have eluded to this many times in our past discussions which were not made public...

"Yes, I would love to discuss that issue. One of the greatest things of interest is the difference of the 5th Interview and the previous interviews and information released by James, (Mahu Nahi) and how it shifts all the information into a whole new realm of understanding.

"It actually outlines a process for the individual to develop the 7th explains that this process is happening right explains that this information was kept from us so that we would be prepared for it at a future time...particularly one individual that would accomplish aspects of it and did about 12 years ago or event which allowed the individual to experience a communication with self outside of the prison and then experience a shift of identity with higher self and begin the process to send a toned down version of higher self to bypass the interface to the genetic template where we hook up to it in the heart area or chest interface and hook directly to the body in the head area which is developing a Toroidal Field utilizing three areas in the head area that has begun to can read my attempted explanation of this process here ... 5BSense%5D (

"One of the greatest understandings of this 5th Interview is also what we truly we function...and more importantly, a greater view of our species as we truly are...

"It shows that the individual is more akin to a cell in a single unified being which is referred to as the human species...the human species would then be understood to be on an evolutionary path in time-space of which each individual can be understood as eternal yet individualized as a human consciousness which is but illusory and therefore can only remain in existence as such within the illusory reality...this path was created by our higher selves in cooperation with First Source as everything is exactly as it is meant to be in the "Most Mysterious Plan", our we are "Fragments of First Source, imbued with its capabilities"...

"The 5th Interview further explains that this information which shifts the whole understanding of what all this is about is mind blowing in that it could not be brought forward in the beginning back in the late 90's as it would not have accomplished its purpose at that time but will now that one of us has accomplished setting up the moment of shifting of the future as it approaches the now in this illusory reality...

"So, now that one of us has accomplished this task, it becomes easier for the rest of us which leads to the future moment when the walls of the prison are brought down...the 5th interview also explains that the soul does not exist as we have been programmed to believe but is more akin to a repository of data for our continued process of the recycling process of our prison...

"Also, the 5th interview explains that our reality is a holographic reality which is a programmed reality and is not real...none of it...even the animals are holographic...the reality is holographic based on sound and the sensors of the genetic template are designed to hone in on the hologram to keep us trapped within its confines...

"This is why I wrote my book which takes tools and techniques and distributes them to the 'seekers' who are here now working to set up the early stages of the projects which leads our species in a unification process to tear down the walls of the prison and bypass the interface of programmed suppression when utilizing a genetic template in this illusory reality based in time-space as a 3D model of interaction...

"My book gives simple tools which assists the individual to decouple from the programmed life they have agreed to live and begin to rewrite it using the new behaviors which James has so wonderfully provided and the understanding of just how powerful a simple tool of behavioral change is for our species...

"The tools also provide an understanding of programming within this 3D construct which bypass the interface in certain methods to remove fears and offenses which are continuing to reset the 'seeker' with every step who is attempting to decouple from the programmed life...

"Why wait for 2085 which is most likely a herring of distraction for those who desire to hold us in our programmed lives so that they will be looking in the wrong place...<smile>... ... 8&qid=&sr= (

"I recommend getting the book so that you can refer back to it several times...maybe even get two or three of them and give them out to your me personally and I can assist you to get them very inexpensively compared to the link isn't about money, it's about action...go to my site listed below and contact me there if you like...or simply email me at

NOW is the time...<grin>...
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Location:Tulsa - Oklahoma - United States
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