New to Hockey? Don't Go All In Yet, says Play It Again Sports Palatine

At Play It Again Sports Palatine, we help a lot of customers who are new to hockey. Our expert staff is ready to assist you with all the gear you need—and at prices that fit your budget.
By: Play It Again Sports Palatine
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Outfit your winger with gear from Play It Again Sports Palatine.
Outfit your winger with gear from Play It Again Sports Palatine.
PALATINE, Ill. - Sept. 25, 2018 - PRLog -- With several recent Blackhawks championships to our city's credit, and a lot of quality pee wee and youth hockey leagues in the area, there are always scads of eager hockey players in the market for gear.

Playing hockey can get expensive quickly, so we caution our customers to go slowly when it comes to gear. There are, however, a few basic pieces of equipment you should purchase for your player as he or she gets started. Those include:

#1: Hockey stick

A hockey player's stick is an important piece of his or her equipment. Whether your child is playing field hockey, floor hockey, or ice hockey, a stick is essential and should be the right size for the player. Our staff can help you choose one. We also can educate you and your player on stick grips—how to choose them and when to replace them.

#2: Shoes or skates

If your player is going to be playing field or floor hockey, a pair of running or athletic shoes with some traction on the soles is going to serve him or her just fine. But for ice hockey, skates are essential—and fit is really important, as well as caring for the blades. Our staff are experts and can help you select skates that fit, as well as provide tips on caring for your new equipment.

#3: Mouth guard and shin guards

Hockey can be a rough sport, even for the youngest players. A mouth guard protects teeth from an unintended accident on the field or ice. Shin guards protect the player's shins. We also recommend rash guards, which go underneath the shin pads to protect the skin from chafing.

#4: Stick bag

Sticks are large and unwieldy, so having a stick bag makes taking them to and from games and practices easier.

#5: Special equipment for the goalie

Because the game hinges on defensive skills, goalie is a special position in hockey. With so much action flying towards the goal, it's important that he or she is protected. That's why we recommend helmets, a throat protector and chest pad, arm and elbow protectors, and right and left hand protectors. It sounds like a lot of gear, but your player's safety is paramount.

Stop in and see us at Play It Again Sports in Palatine for buying and selling new and used hockey apparel and equipment. We're open 7 days a week, conveniently located at 315 E. Northwest Highway and reached by phone at 847-221-8260.


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