Grand Slam A/V & Security Offers Security Controls for Small Business

Owning and running a business comes with many rewards—as well as risks, of course. Security shouldn't be one of them.
By: Grand Slam A/V & Security
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Keep an eye on your business from anywhere with surveillance technology.
Keep an eye on your business from anywhere with surveillance technology.
HOUSTON - Sept. 24, 2018 - PRLog -- Many small business owners are so focused on the demands of the day-to-day that they fail to consider security as a crucial part of operations. Consider these stats in favor of small business security controls for your enterprise:

·        Property crime rates in the Houston area are nearly double the national median and affect both residential and commercial properties. Property crimes are statistically far more likely to occur at night, when many business owners are off the property.

·       Employee theft can be an issue, too. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 25-40% of employees steal from their employers, and employee theft accounts for $10 to $40 billion in losses nationwide.

·       Employee productivity and customer service can also be problematic for small business owners, costing time and loyalty, which of course translate into revenue losses.

Small business security controls give owners technological solutions to addressing some of these challenges. Here's how:

Protect your property with an alarm system

As fully licensed, bonded, and insured alarm technicians in the state of Texas, we implement entry or burglar alarm systems for both residences and small business security controls. We offer full initial installation and noninvasive solutions. Whatever your location, budget, or need, we can work with you to find the right fit. And, with our interactive systems, you can have access and control right from your smartphone.

Provide limits on access

Are there places you want to limit employees' or customers' access to? Our commercial access control systems can give you that control. By requiring entry with some level of encryption—via keycard access—you can limit who enters office spaces, an elevator bank, or other areas of a building.

Use CCTV to monitor and protect internally as well as externally

Closed-circuit TV systems allows visual access to your property from your smartphone, wherever you have a signal. By pairing surveillance cameras with a TV system, CCTV lets you monitor what's going on whether you're there or not, and you can use CCTV on the interior or exterior of your business. Although not monitored by outside security experts, CCTV can provide valuable video evidence in case of theft or other damage.

Implement wireless locks

Control entry to your business location using keycodes and your smartphone. You can set specific keycodes for employees, vendors, or maintenance people, and you can see who entered the property—and when—from your smartphone.


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