Technical Report On Parallel Lines/Parallel Worlds Experiment, Using Todd Rundgren Song, Released

Internationally followed R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes, blames his crazy schedule & new super start-up for delaying the official release of his long awaited paper, Using Todd Rundgren's Song, Parallel Lines To Prove Hugh Everett's Parallel Worlds.
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng
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GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio - Nov. 8, 2018 - PRLog -- "Sometimes when there's a train wreck in your schedule, you have take the time to untangle
the cars and it's often anything but quick."

So says Marshall Barnes, wryly as he explains why it took so long to complete and officially release the technical report on his experiment using the Todd Rundgren song, Parallel Lines as a beat reference during retrocausal experiments demonstrating his ground breaking work proving physicist Hugh Everett's Relative State Interpretation of quantum mechanics. Everett predicted parallel worlds or "universes" as the result of quantum measurements and Marshall's experiments prove it, with all the mind bending implications it's known for.

"I had started getting in funding related to this research and by extension, my new super start-up, Technologies of Infinity™, while at the same time other business related events were transpiring, like NBC's canceling of the TV series Timeless, which I have a controversial relationship with its producers and actor Malcolm Barrett, and this and that and that and this, and I discovered I didn't want to write just a cut and dry take on what happened with the experiments. I wanted it to be, the be all - end all statement on the research, and to do that I needed to do even more research in as far as all of the related aspects outside of actually doing the experiments. All the math and formalisms and conjectures that aren't very useful for anything but philosophical posturing, but I had to have it in order to show I knew what I was talking about, regardless whether I was agreeing or disagreeing with some published position."

Marshall says that took from June 22nd, Todd Rundgren's 70th birthday when the initial announcement that the experiments had been successful, to mid September, where he was in the middle of more research work. By that time, he says, it seemed like it didn't matter when it came out as long as the timing was right. The timing for today's official release in November is it's the month Hugh Everett was born.

"In writing the paper, I took a somewhat whimsical approach, in terms of style and content structure. I realized a lot of Todd fans were going to read it and I knew they would be the technical oriented ones - the A Wizard/A True Star type fans as opposed to the more Bang the Drum All Day types. I wasn't afraid that I'd lose them from the technical jargon and the overall scientific concepts I had to include to tell physicists reading it that they may not like what the results imply but I know what I'm talking about. So the balance was, sprinkle some Todd in there, every once and a while, to keep the fans amused with the inside jokes but layout the case for the Hugh Everett interpretation and make it stick, along with the physics that I found supporting it."

Marshall takes on such things as the nature of time, arguing most physicists are clueless as to what it is and how it really works - citing John G. Cramer's work, for example, on retrocausality and his transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics, which has no direct physical evidence.

"Look, John's a nice guy," Marshall explains, "I've talked to him before but the bottom line is he raised $40,000 to test his theory on retrocausality, but hey - his experiment didn't work and it appears it had a lot to do with the fact his model of time is wrong and guess what? My experiments do work and it has everything to do with the fact my model of time works which says nothing is moving back and forth through time like his transactional interpretaton posits. What we view as the flow of time is the motion of everything in the universe due to various forces, actions, energies, which are all moving through the space-time continum. There is no reversal of time possible because there is literally no forward of time - only events and actions within it following the forward flow of cause and effect. However, without time, none of that would be possible."

Marshall's paper also spends a lot of time comparing what physicists have said, about the Everett interpretation from a mathematical and technical point of view, with the results of his experiments. Throughout the over 60 page document, he has distributed over 70 photos, graphics and illustrations so that the experiments and concepts are clearly understood. He refers to it as his "piece de resistance" on the subject of time, parallel universes, as well as time travel.

You can read it all at

"Hypothetical time travel factors in through the extension of retocausality - becoming obvious this experimental work rewrites the playbook on how time travel is thought to be possible - which is all wrong," Marshall noted. "There are too many physicist hacks out there, like Louis A. Del Monte, who has no business positing a position on time travel because 100% of them are wrong, but he pawns himself off as some kind of expert, nonetheless."

"As the only person actively working on making time travel a functional, not just hypothetical, reality and alternative to what those two Silicon Valley billionaires want to achieve in their erroneous assumption that they can leave here because it's a simulated universe, I've tasked Technologies of Infinity™ with developing practical technologies in that direction and others - and it's happening."

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