America 2030 Capital Limited is Now Conducting Business Offshore

America 2030 Capital Limited is pleased to announce that it can now conduct business offshore through the formation of an affiliate in St. Kitts & Nevis.
NEW YORK - July 22, 2018 - PRLog -- Offshore transactions have become increasingly popular the past few decades and more and more people have set up offshore companies and would like to transact with like offshore entities for various reasons. Due to popularity of stock loans or securitized lending, the shareholders these days have transferred ownership of their shares offshore.

America 2030 Capital Limited formed an offshore entity in Nevis in order to service the needs of clients wanting to transact in and obtain a stock loan with offshore entity in a discreet and confidential manner.

We asked Mr Val Sklarov, the managing member and CEO of America 2030 Capital, "why offshore and why now" and here is how he responded; "Many of our clients would like to keep their transactions confidential and have asked us to form an offshore presence so that the loans we provide and the transaction itself is confidential. Many of our clients are from Asia and have formed offshore entities throughout various parts of the world. They are ultra wealthy, many are billionaires and they want discreet tax-free transactions.

"America 2030 Capital Limited is an international boutique M&A and securities lending firm transacting in various types of securitized loans and other types of financial debt & equity transactions. One of its primary products are stock loans or commonly known as securitized lending whereby a shareholder of a public company pledges their shares to a lender in return for debt at low rates. These loans commonly are non-recourse and similar to margin lending offered by stock brokers.

America 2030 Capital Limited是一家國際精品併購和證券借貸公司,事各種類型的證券化貸款和其他類型的金融務和股權交易。其主要產品之一是股票貸款通常稱為證券化貸款,其中上市公司的股東其股票抵押給貸方,以換取低利率的債務。些貸款通常是無追索權,類似於股票經紀人供的保證金貸款。

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