America 2030 Capital Limited is Announcing Stock Loan Financing in Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and USA

The 4th quarter of 2018 was a great year for America 2030 Capital Limited as it continued to close numerous transactions by offering direct funding as well as arranging for stock loan funding made by Bentley Rothschild Capital Ltd.
By: America 2030 Capital Limited
Logo America 2030 Capital Limited
Logo America 2030 Capital Limited
NEW YORK & HONG KONG - Jan. 12, 2019 - PRLog -- America 2030 Capital Limited has closed multiple additional stock loan financing transactions in the 4th quarter of 2018. These include loans for several Indonesian public companies, including a $60M USD stock loan transaction, a $110M USD transaction for 2 public companies, a $16M financing arrangement for a shareholder of a Hong Kong publicly listed company, and several transactions under $10M USD for various publicly traded companies located throughout the world.

America 2030 Capital specializes in loans backed by securities of publicly traded companies. It arranges for financing as well as directly funds low interest stock loans for terms up to 10 years, at interest rates ranging from 4.5% to 6% per year.

Recent transactions also included closure of a $15M USD stock loan for a publicly traded company located in Vietnam and listed on the Hanoi stock exchange. When we asked Mr. Val Sklarov, the CEO and Operations Manager about closing a transaction in Vietnam, he stated: "We have been developing and establishing a presence in Vietnam for over one year. We have had numerous requests to provide financing for Vietnamese firms since early 2017, so we embarked on obtaining local permits, registration and cementing a partnership with local firms based in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. We began writing loans in Vietnam 1st quarter of 2018 and the latest transaction we executed a contract to provide financing for was for well over $200M USD."

Privately Mr. Sklarov stated that he believes that the firm will close in excess of 20 global transactions for the 2019 fiscal year. He also believes that the firm will enter Brazil and Mexico markets due to increase in inquiries from these two countries and extensive discussions with publicly traded firms there already.

"Our business continues to grow in many major markets. The credit markets are tight and the banks are not lending  to small and mid-cap companies, and the major shareholders turn to second tier private lenders such our firm, to arrange for private stock loans as well as loans made against other tradable financial instruments. There is definitely an appetite for private stock loan funding at highly competitive rates and we can typically fund upwards of several hundred million USD per single stock loan."

The firm is utilizing Bentley Rothschild Capital Ltd. of Nevis and Bahamas to structure and fund several of its global stock loan transactions. The executives at America 2030 Capital believe that the Bentley Rothschild name will be a major player in structuring and funding publicly traded companies and its major shareholders for years to come. Its resources are capable of underwriting an funding loans in the hundreds of millions of USD.

America 2030 Capital Limited is a boutique Investment banking firm with worldwide operations in locations such as USA, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Europe, Caribbean and Nevis offshore. The firm offers sophisticated M&A financing, institutional real estate financing, debt & equity transactions as well as loans against publicly traded securities worldwide. The firm is one of the leading international securities lenders with a dominant position in many marketplaces. We are pleased to have served many clients and we continue to strive for excellence.

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