ReachDynamics Launches Digital Direct Mail Platform to Connect Brands & Convert Sales

Company Offers Tools to Touch Digital Prospects in Real Life
ST. LOUIS - July 11, 2018 - PRLog -- ReachDynamics is working to help marketers overcome a growing problem that is crippling their marketing efforts: consumer fatigue. Marketers worldwide vie for the consideration of consumers - targeting them with campaigns designed to motivate audiences to consider their brand. With advertisements following consumers across every website, email and social interaction, they have developed a mental screening process to ignore these advertisements - making it harder for brands to convert their attention into the lead or sale they're trying to achieve.

The team at ReachDynamics has been working to develop marketing tools that allow brands and agencies to stand out and connect with their prospects in a more meaningful way, and one of their newest tools is a surprising spin on a traditional marketing tool. Digital Direct Mail is a tool that leverages the power of consumer data to deliver well-timed direct mail pieces designed to convert more leads and sales.

Recovering Lost Sales & Leads

One way that brands can leverage this technology is by using the tool to follow up with prospects who visited their website, and left without purchasing, contacting, or providing any identifying information. Maybe the consumer didn't feel ready to have any conversations with the brand - or maybe they simply got distracted and navigated away early. For many brands, this is the moment of death in their sales cycle. Without a visitor providing contact information, brands have limited options to get in front of those consumers again without spending a ton of money.

Now, with Digital Direct Mail by ReachDynamics, the business knows who visited their website and can follow up to keep the conversation going. Within just 24 hours, a postcard follow-up with a coupon or offer will be on its way to the shopper. This level of immediate, personal real-world outreach following a visitor's online activity subconsciously wows the customer and drives them to take action.

More Ways to Convert

In addition to their effective website abandonment capabilities, ReachDynamics has developed a number of additional tools to help businesses leverage the power of direct mail and data. Through an Direct Mail Automation tool, marketers can connect their CRM (customer relationship management) software data to deliver timely and relevant postcards based on a number of triggers - including activity or inactivity, anniversary dates, or purchase history.

For brands that have a stagnant email list or a large unsubscribe list, ReachDynamics offers the opportunity to convert those lists into postal contacts by matching email contacts with mailing address information, and then sending them a direct mail campaign designed to re-engage them, and spark some action.

ReachDynamics' new suite of Digital Direct Mail tools complements and enhances the company's innovative email remarketing system that clients such as Nutrisystem and Safelite Auto Glass have been utilizing to convert lost anonymous website visitors. In much the same way as Digital Direct Mail, ReachDynamics email remarketing allows brands to identify their anonymous website visitors and to follow up to convert via email.

The Renaissance of Direct Mail

The team of innovators at ReachDynamics saw an opportunity to capitalize on direct mail to help their clients break through and achieve conversions in their marketing efforts.

"A number of recent studies have shown that the response rates for direct mail efforts are outpacing what we can achieve with email, search and display efforts. We believe this is directly related to consumers seeing hundreds of digital advertisements in their first waking hours each day. Marketing fatigue is real, and it's something that brands are really struggling with. They're looking for a way to make a real and meaningful connection with a consumer. We believe that Digital Direct Mail allows brands to surprise and delight customers, and we've seen this lead to higher conversion rates every time," said Eric Castelli, CEO of ReachDynamics.

Recent studies have shown that the response rate for direct mail is 5.1% (compared to 0.6% email, 0.6% paid search, 0.2% online display, 0.4% social media). Why is this traditional marketing tool having such an impact?

ReachDynamics' Co-Founder Tim Kastner sums up the power of direct mail in a digital world, "Direct mail advertisements give people time to think. With this physical contact, people aren't distracted and anticipating their next click. They're not competing with ads from a half a dozen competitors. They're not interrupted by social media updates, text messages or in-app notifications. It's quiet and it's personal - and it's a surprise to 'meet' the brand in real life when you've only had that online relationship."

The numbers support ReachDynamics hunch that digital direct mail can be the breakthrough solution that marketers have been seeking. Client are reporting up to a 200% increase in their conversions and 3.5x return on their marketing investment with the new tools.

Danni Eickenhorst

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