Lawrence Goldfarb Creates The Lawrence Goldfarb Judicial Reform Foundation to Transform a Corrupt Judicial System

After spending 10 months in prison, Lawrence Goldfarb is now fighting for the 40,000+ innocent people who are currently in prison.
NEW YORK - May 31, 2018 - PRLog -- Anywhere from 40,000 to possibly over 100,000 people in U.S. prisons have never actually committed a crime or should have never been sent to prison, and Lawrence Goldfarb was one of them. Now, he's taking on the system that he says turns hapless defendants into convicts.

Thrust into a system that is more concerned with gaining convictions than finding the truth, Goldfarb found himself the scapegoat in a very public run-in with the U.S. government. His name and reputation were dragged through the mud and his assets were frozen, forcing him to turn to a public defender for help. The public defender's only advice was that he needed to plead guilty or he would be locked up for many years.

He plead guilty, although he didn't believe he should have, and spent the next 10 months in prison. The prosecutor claimed great victory, Goldfarb's life was ruined, and he attempted to end his life, landing him in hospitals for months.

Today, Lawrence Goldfarb is harnessing his experience to take on the corrupt judicial system.

"A criminal court today functions as little more than a processing facility to transform defendants into convicts," says Goldfarb. "For all but a handful of defendants, the presumption of guilt is the operative principle underlying their prosecution, with the presumption of innocence nothing more than an illusion."

Goldfarb surmises that there are so many regulations and criminal statutes on the books that the average American, more likely than not, commits numerous felonies without even being aware they are breaking the law until they are arrested or indicted. This is especially concerning given that over half of all arrests now lead to felony charges. The insane incarceration rate in the United States has turned nonviolent and non-sex offender defendants into career criminals.

Goldfarb aims to transform the judicial system at its core by providing educational workshops and literature throughout the Federal and State Legislative and Judicial systems and processes to advocate for those caught in an unjust system, and educate legislators and the electorate to vote and advocate for the repeal of irrational sentencing guidelines for nonviolent and non-sex offenders.

"My goal is to get back to a time when people really were innocent until proven guilty and are treated as such, and to revamp federal and state probation departments to help felons succeed post-prison to help reduce an over 85 percent recidivism rate," says Goldfarb.

"Unlike any other country in the world, the United States labels and ostracizes felons for the rest of their lives even if they did their time and paid restitution in full," says Goldfarb. "Most felons in the United States don't stand a chance of rehabilitation as the United States government requires that they be branded a felon for the rest of their lives. I have created The Lawrence Goldfarb Judicial Reform Foundation to help bring awareness and change to the entire U.S. justice system."

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