Five Simple Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

A healthy, disease-free lawn is a lawn where trees can thrive. As spring shifts into summer, consider these tips as you care for your landscaping and yard.
By: Advanced Tree Care
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Healthy trees depend on a healthy yard. Avoid these simple lawn care mistakes.
Healthy trees depend on a healthy yard. Avoid these simple lawn care mistakes.
LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. - May 31, 2018 - PRLog -- It's true that we're a company that specializes in tree care. But trees are only one part of your yard's ecosystem. While they make up about 15% of your landscaping, they thrive best when all flora—shrubs, flowers and especially your lawn—are cared for properly.

Tip #1: Mow, but don't cut grass too short

A healthy, thick lawn is a thriving lawn. It's also a lawn that leaves no room for weeds to encroach. To grow so lush, the grass needs to grow so it can absorb sunshine, and so its blades can provide shade for the plant's roots. That's why you shouldn't cut your grass too short. If you do, your grass can go into shock. Opportunistic weeds rapidly take over. Aim to keep your mower blade 2 ½ inches from the roots, and never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade.

Tip #2: Water, but don't overwater your lawn

Plants flourish with optimal water and sun—those two factors drive their growth cycle. When watered too frequently, grass doesn't develop the deep root system it needs to be healthy. Its roots stay shallow and become overly dependent on frequent watering. Instead, watering grass less often but more deeply encourages deep root growth—which, in turn, helps the grass fare better when water is more scarce and the days grow hot and long.

Tip #3: Keep mower blades sharp

A sharp mower blade cuts grass cleanly rather than nicking or tearing blades. You can easily spot a nicked or torn blade, as these whiten at the tips. These white tips then prompt homeowners to water more frequently, creating the cycle we referenced above. A clean cut also protects blades better from insect infestation and disease.

Tip #4: Apply fertilizer properly

Mistakes in fertilizer application are common, and making them can compromise the health and look of your lawn. Choose a slow-release fertilizer and apply it when your lawn is growing rapidly in the spring and early summer.

Tip #5: Leave some of the clippings on your lawn

While it may be tempting to bag up all the clippings after you've mown, the clean look can actually harm your lawn. Leave some of the clippings on your lawn—they're free fertilizer. They'll help your grass retain more moisture, and they'll nourish it as it grows.

In addition to keeping your lawn and trees healthy, these tips will help you boost your property's curb appeal. That's an important part of being a homeowner, whether you're considering selling, undertaking a home renovation, or simply want to present an attractive look for friends, visitors, and passersby.


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