Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng Offers Network TV A New, Time Travel Show - Done Right!

Bolstered by the troubles that he has successfully predicted for NBC's Timeless, Marshall Barnes has created a construct for a new time travel fiction program like no other that has ever been done.
Marshall Barnes' promotional art predicting the failure of Timeless in 2016.
Marshall Barnes' promotional art predicting the failure of Timeless in 2016.
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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - June 24, 2018 - PRLog -- "I'm sick of the dreck passing for time travel sci-fi and the death of Timeless proves my position. Timeless should've done so much better but it just insulted the intelligence of too many people, killing the ratings. If TV networks want to cash in on the interest in time travel, they're going to have to do it right and not like Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke, which can only be called, arrogantly ignorant."

So says Marshall Barnes, the R&D engineer with an international following who has been at war with NBC's Timeless ever since co-creator Shawn Ryan decided to diss time travel science fans, and actor Malcolm Barrett defamed Marshall to turn fans against him after he exposed Barrett making false claims regarding his own time travel science knowledge on the Only Stupid Answers podcast.

"They say it's best to write about what you know. I defy anyone in Hollywood to offer a single team, let alone person, with the vast topic knowledge, science and real life experiences on the fringe of the research, that I do. Period. Aside from being the de facto leading scientist in the world on the subject - with multiple advances in the areas of quantum mechanics, temporal mechanics and teleparallelism, I understand what makes a good sci if story and won't rely on the stereotypical tropes normally used, which time travel science fans are sick of seeing, because we all know they're wrong."

Marshall, who has a highly varied background, as evidenced by visiting the site of his new start-up,, points out his idea makes sense from a technical, business, conceptual and marketing basis.

"I'm pitching a one off that could become a series with the package to back that series up if it's green lit. I want 2 hours, maybe 6, if whoever I'm talking with thinks they'll try a mini series - to get more of a feel for how a whole series will work. "

Marshall's offering:

1. Cutting edge marketing/promotions plan taking advantage of breakthroughs bringing time travel closer to reality. The Timeless promotions team was offered such an opportunity by Marshall in 2016, prior to the show's premiere. It turns out they don't believe time travel's possible and the extent of their knowledge is outdated and inaccurate. They never did such promotion, instead, Shawn Ryan dismissed time travel science fans on Twitter during the show's 1st season, saying the science of time travel doesn't exist yet.

2. A diverse, complex cast reflecting the realities of the time travel science world - both academic, military and fringe. Special appearances by real life figures from all aspects of the time travel science field, will attract their own fan bases to the program.

3.  Marshall has had new ideas on immersive programming, beginning back in the '90s, that Timeless never attempted. Marshall's concept has full use of these radical new techniques. It's all about audience engagement and blurring the line between reality and the show.

4. Well researched plot lines. Marshall's prepared to write a two hour special which could be followed by a 6 hour, 3 episode, miniseries which could lead to a full run of episodes for an entire season. This way, a network gets in little by little, gaining confidence as the program advances, hopefully generating massive fan support across the board.

5. Audience respect. Marshall understands the potential demand for time travel fiction but what the real fans want is the real deal - not the tired old tropes they are well aware are nonsense. What Timeless did was alienate those fans, and was left with "Clockblocker" ones - but far too few to matter.

6. Beef up the science. Marshall knows, from his experience dealing with FOX TV's FRINGE, what a powerful mix the integration of a fictional program with the real science world can be. FRINGE did it successfully, and Marshall was involved in an effort to incorporate elements from it into STEM lessons for high school physics students. FRINGE also released promotional clips featuring cast members discussing fringe science concepts and their connection to actual ongoing research. As an award winning member of National Lab Day in 2009 and 2010, as well as a member of the Scientific American's 1,000 Scientists in 1,000 Days program, Marshall knows how to develop engaging, educational programming from science fiction, in a way that is instructive and promotes interest in young audiences - including that all important 18 to 49 demographic which Timeless failed with, consistently, until they bled to death.

7. Finally - real time travel research and related technology. Not just special effect props, but the integration of actual devices that could eventually lead to full blown machines. From WWI tech to that rumored to be in use now in the mountains of India. Marshall is the expert on it all. This will change the depth and scope of the program, as audiences truly see things they've never seen before - anywhere.

"I feel now is the time. Timeless is irrelevant because my point's been proved - their ratings crashed, as I predicted. No networks wants a show like that because it fails at doing what TV is supposed to do - bring in a sizable audience and keep it for as long as possible. Timeless has done the opposite - brought in an audience that's been shrinking ever since day one"

Interested parties, with network affiliations, should contact Marshall through Matt Blake at CAA in Los Angeles, Lorien Fenton on or David Gap at -

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